Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Griner Family 2010

This year our yellow brick road has lead us through moments of stress, laughter, and messes. Along with our new discoveries, new milestones, and new priorities came obstacles and a party at every corner!! Sickness flooded our winter, therapy and evaluations challenged our spring, the pool overtook our summer, and the trampoline has been the highlight of our fall!

Andrew (31)- He loves going to work. He devotes himself to his patients and in September received the “Whatever It Takes Award” for going above and beyond to serve and take care of his patients! He has also enjoyed the occasional daddy/daughter date night!

Aubrey (6)- She loves kindergarten and she loves being 6! There is hardly a day that goes by without one of her friends coming over to play and she loves her weekly Cheerleading practice!! She spends her free time being a great big sister and drawing for hours! She loves swimming at the pool (in the deep end) and even went off the high dive!!! She especially loves her SHORT hair which she did herself! Aubrey loves going to church and at her school Thanksgiving program when she was asked what she was thankful for she said loud and clear “Jesus and Heavenly Father!” She is a wonderful example for her brothers and sister. Although, math seems to be hard for her we were excited to know that she was released from the IEP program.
Caleb (5)- Where do I start!!!! He never sleeps, eats non-stop, and learned how to whistle, really loud! He can count to 50, he remembers everything, and begs to do homework. His school teacher described him as kind and wonderful even though he had a tendency to tell jokes and make the class laugh! He loves to swim (even in the deep end) and the life guards were a little shocked to see a short little 4 year old jumping off the diving board!!! He like to do flips on the trampoline and enjoyed participating in karate and flag football!! When it came to football I do not think there was a single practice he didn’t get hurt and he even acquired his first bloody nose! Caleb has such a wonderful heart and in his mind “everyone” i
s his friend! I didn’t realize how true that was until 44 kids showed up at his birthday party!!! Caleb has made it very clear that he WILL BE a Tornado Chaser when he grows up!
Ainsley (3)- This year has been a big growing year for Ainsley! She has surpassed the 24 pound mark and is growing taller everyday! She loves Elmo, always wears dress up shoes, and she changes her clothes at least 3 times a day! She loves swimming and even swims underwater! In January Ainsley broke her elbow, she loved wearing a cast and was sad to have it taken off 6 weeks later! She loves having her own room, finally started to go to nursery alone, and she loves food. ALL FOOD! Along with attending nursery she also loves going to Preschool 2 times a week!! She has to do everything herself, she loves to build things, and she loves to play with the neighbors.

Tate (1)- Call him what you like…TD, Tater Tot, or Tater. He is a favorite among everyone. Friends from school, friends from church, neighbors, and even adults love to be around Tate! He is wonderful. He loves to clap, dance, jump, and give hi-fives! He weighs 27 pounds and I think it is mostly in his legs and rear end! He loves to say ball, go bye, mom, dad, santa, and hi-five!! He climbs on everything and seems to always have a black eye or bruised cheek but always with a smile! He loved spending time at the pool and goes down the kid slide. We thought he might grow up to be a chubby tackle but now that his obsession with clogging the toilet has started to cause problems (we have removed a mini batman, a domino, a dart, a my little pony, and the top of a toy speed boat all from just ONE clog) he might grow up to be a really chubby plumber! We love our Tater!

Sara (25)- This year I have learned that sometimes I am just right and as a mom I just know best. I have learned that preschool is wonderful and counting down the days until kindergarten 2011 probably isn’t good! I have learned that a $85 summer pool pass not only bought my sanity but a really great tan!! I have learned that craft time can end in cut hair, a broken elbow and cut hair can occur on the same day, and kid stamps are never really used on paper! I have learned that our trampolines can fly…right through our fence, that our pipes from the Washer can freeze, and that sometimes not even a plumbers snake can unclog the toilet! I have learned that every life, every moment, and every day matters. Every uh-oh!, oh no!, and I love you make the growing process that much more entertaining!! After all, our family is forever and there is truly “No Place Like Home!”


Brittany Hepworth said...

Your family is so cute! I love hearing about their cute personalities and how much joy, memories, and fun they bring into your lives and others!

Nicole Heape said...

Your have such a wonderful family. I meant it when I said you were my role model. I wish I spent as much time with my kids as you do. I think i take the time I do have with them for granted. Your amazing! Love you girl!

KeiserFamily said...

your family is precious! i loved reading your post:)