Thursday, January 27, 2011

Christmas Eve lost...Christmas day sick
For some reason all of the pictures from Christmas Eve are on a memory chip that is lost...But we sure did have fun! Andy worked Christmas Eve morning and then we headed down to Windsor for the usual Dinner, Christmas Nativity Program, and Presents!! The kids did pretty good this year as Mary, Jospeh, and the Angel...with Paul as the narrator!
The kids enjoyed the many presents from there Griner Grandparents and Aunt Judy and ate lots and lots of Black Berry Cheese Cake. On the drive home that night Aubrey was so excited...telling Caleb and Ainsley all about the excitement of Christmas Morning! 30 minutes from home excitement turned into the stomach flu for Tate. So for most of the night we rotated between holding him close and showers. Tate did not handle being sick very well and it was hard to get him to calm down. How could we not feel bad for poor Tater though!!!! We tried our best to set everything out and get everything ready!Our sad sad sad tree. Only the top half was decorated but it was a sad looking tree decorated or not.At midnight the fun began...Aubrey started throwing up...every 30 minutes all early morning!!By the time it was time to wake up, we finally got Tate to fall asleep. Ainsley was so excited (wearing the pj's she got from my parents and her tinker bell dress from Andy's parents)....down the stairs they went!!!
It might as well have been the best day of Ainsley's life! She loved everything, and was excited about everyone's gifts, and it was just wonderful to watch her!!
Aubrey was so very sick. Every 15 minutes she required the assistance of the ugly green trash can...she was pretty much out of it all morning.
Caleb was ready to destroy and the fact that Santa gave him Bakugans after Mom/Dad said no more made him very happy!
Tate woke up mid-present opening and was not happy. Still sick and NOT happy!
Not even Tate being sick and cranky could crash Ainsley magical excitement!!
Ainsley used her new Elmo doctor kit to try and make Tate feel better!
As soon as the presents were open Aubrey went to bed, waking up in the evening to be excited all over again!
Aubrey spent the rest of Christmas night cutting, drawing, and coloring...those scissors 10 minutes later were what she used to chop off the front of her hair!
Later on Christmas Night Ainsley got sick followed by Caleb. It wasn't exactly the Christmas we had imagined but it will definitely be one that we remember!!
2 days after Christmas everyone was all better and ready to play outside. Tate likes to sneak outside and jump/fall all over the trampoline!!
We have survived was not a good year for scissors or stamps. We did have a lot of fun and as we grow older we get to experience new things like...swim lessons, sleepovers, and loose teeth. 2010 will be the year we made friends and lots of them!!! Caleb learned a little Hebrew, Ainsley finally started to go to Nursery, and Aubrey's cheer team made regionals!!
Ending with the flu was like ending with a big bang!!! GOOD BYE 2010!!!Hopefully, we wont be so cranky in 2011!!!


Laura said...

So I hope that I am not wrong, but if I am remembering right, it is your birthday tomorrow. So Happy Birthday if my mind is working right. Hope my mind isn't going that crazy... =)

That will definitely be a Christmas to remember. Hopefully the rest of the winter will be sick-free for all of you!

Laura said...

I am happy to hear that it really is your birthday!!

Hope you have a wonderful day! HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Wayne and Melinda said...

I'm so glad that we weren't all sick at the same time during Christmas, that had to be rough! Although being sick off and on the whole two weeks probably wasn't much better. Your blog is totally awesome by the way:)


Nicole Heape said...

oh my goodness your Christmas was exciting. poor Aubrey she looked so miserable. i am glad to hear they are better. its hard to see your kids sick. i can't imagine all of them being sick @ once. wow. seriously you are amazing. I love your posts.