Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Goodbye January, Hello February

To say that January was a bad month for us Griners was an understatement. We never really recovered from our Christmas sickness'. Instead we were overrun by "THE DOUBLE EAR INFECTION!" We did still manage to have a good new years. We got the kids really excited... Set all of our clocks ahead 4 hours so when "midnight" hit the kids went outside, banged pots and pans, sang the New Year song, danced, and had a speacial treat!!! Woot Woot to 2011!
Aubrey was excited to go back to school but with the upcoming PTC with the Principal, Teacher, Speech Therapist, Reading Therapist, and Psychologist I was less then excited. The meeting did go well, the correct interventions are put in place, and the next meeting is scheduled for the end of February! Aubrey started Cheerleading again, received her first trophy, and is group leader!!
Caleb went to his first pre-Kindergarten get together. For all the kindergartners for fall 2011! I was very excited and although he was a little overwhelmed at first he was glad to have his neighbor friend Nathan by his side!
Ainsley started up Preschool again. Adding another mom/child and house. After a long Christmas break getting Ainsley out of her footsie's just wasn't going to happen so I put a skirt over her footsies and called it a morning!!
Tater..has been sick but happy. His ear infections have not been able to heal or improve but his speach is incredible! Aubrey, KK, pee, Banana's, Go Bye, Ball..I hear him all day long! He loves to dance, and does really well with his breathing instrument as long as he gets to hold the piece that goes in his mouth! He loves to hug, hide, and he carries his pillow pet everywhere! We spent January going to the Johnson County Museum with friends and we were surprised with a big birthday party on the 28th along with a new painting! We have been without a main floor tv for 2 months now. I will say that I miss my morning Sesame Street and Syd the Science Kid! But is it so much more peaceful without it.
2 Snow Days and a "Too Cold" for school day...left me almost wishing that tv was back in the family room.The kids like the snow for about 30 minutes. The decision that sand is much more enjoyable was unanimous! Burrrrr!
After a week being stuck instead we decided to get out of the house and head into KC for the free Exhibit!
Tate was a little unsure about the uneven ground!

We are excited to have January gone. The snow is still here but it wont be much longer until Spring is here!!! Caleb and Ainsley both get to participate in preschool now and they are both signed up for swimming lessons!! Its going to be a fun February!!

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