Saturday, March 5, 2011

To the couch...:the term most often used this past month to describe the placement of the laundry.
(I had a picture of 11 loads of unfolded laundry on the was bad, that is only picture of 4 loads...thank goodness its taken care of now!)

This past month the big 26 was celebrated, along with multiple sickness' from children and husband, daily changes in the weather, and my own personal struggle we have had not a so good start to 2011. It has been rough, hence the few blogs and few pictures. We are here and we do have wonderful moments but there has been a cloud. Now that the cloud (metaphor) is clearing (minus the actual snow in the upcoming forecast:) hopefully, the pictures will start rolling and the blog with hop back into place. With the excitement of the big 26...closer to 30 not 20! I am a 26 year old mother of 4, living in Kansas with 3 kids at home and 1 in all day kindergarten. I haven't slept through the night in 6.5 years, I attend or host weekly play groups, swim lessons, cheer, up coming soccer, nightly homework, notes from the teacher, and having a child with a learning disability seems to challenge me on a daily hourly basis. I am surrounded by little people but lately I feel so alone. Its okay really. The spilled milk, super glue incident, leaving the hair gel in reach, and "what does that mean?" keeps me extremely busy. Someone is always laughing BUT someone seems to always be crying? And of course, now that the oldest two know how to sound out words spelling "secret" words to Andy is definitely SOOOOOOOOOOO 2 months ago! I do not seem to remember my mom saying being an adult was so hard? She never seemed tired, never complained, always had the laundry done, and her cinnamon rolls and seminary lessons were the bomb!!
Anyway, 10 years ago hanging out with the Stahura's or the Mullikin's was the biggest decision I had to make. First dates, driving the POS Rosebud to Shalimar, working the front window or as a runner, and how many friends we could fit in the wagon for the dance was top priority! HA! If I would have been asked where I would be 10 years from then I would have probably said married with a bunch of kids. Check...BUT I probably would have pictured it much easier with lots of sleep and my kids always clean and always happy!
Now, if you ask me: In 10 year what do I want? Well, Aubrey will be 16 (WO!), with no more babies it would be nice to start the school thing AND it will be nice to sleep through the night!! I know my children are destined for greatness. They have incredible souls, spirits, and hearts. If we can just make it to next fall without any more disaster, we're going to be just fine:) Although, if the next 10 year can be just a little bit easier that would be beneficial!
I guess the point of all of this is that I wouldn't change where I am, I love it. Even though I often feel alone I do sometime beg for some alone time..sneak into the shower and try to relax only to have Ainlsey flush the toilet (leaving me burning!!!!), Caleb running in crying because he poked his 2 eyes with his own finger, and Andy coming in frustrated because I am not using the fan he just fix after a year of me nagging! Its all just a crazy wonderful mess but I love it.
"We'll all grow up some day. We mine as well know what we want!"-says Amy on Little Women

Onto happiness...
On Tuesday after swim lessons we rushed to IHOP with the Nash family and Bethany for Free Pancakes! I wasn't sure what I had gotten myself into with 3 wild kids in a restaurant without a playplace. But the kids were wonderful and FREE FOOD!!!QUIET.... HAPPY....
(yes, Caleb is left handed...we really don't know..who really knows...he changes every day!) AND VERY HUNGRY....
Ainsley ate that entire plate of bacon and pancakes. Tate did too. Caleb ate most of his until he couldn't help himself any longer and doused the rest with a lake of syrup!! He was happy to have his Buddy Cello there!

The weather was so wonderful too! It was an almost perfect day!! We are looking forward to Spring Break, my sister STEFFANEY coming home from her mission, Easter, and SUMMER!!! It's gonna be BIG!!!
**great awesome surprise news..Aubrey bore her testimony for the first time last Sunday (it just happened to be my dad's 51st birthday too)! So proud!

The Tater's New Words: Baby Girl (I think just because we are surround by them and because he got to home one last Sunday)
Poop Yuck
Cracky Peese
Go GoodBye


Nicole Heape said...

i just love hearing about your family. thats so great about aubrey. i hope you had a good birthday. love you girl.

Brittany Hepworth said...

We need to exchange numbers! I keep thinking about your family and hoping that you are all ok. It's good to hear you're back to the blogging world and that your kids are doing so much better!

Pickles for Breakfast ! said...

Sara, one day your kids will think the same about you as you do your mom. They don't remember the craziness, they remember being LOVED!! and you do that so well!! Cheers to summer being around the bend!!!!!yay