Sunday, March 6, 2011

Terror of the Pool!
Dun Dun Dun!!The Tater loves the pool and since it takes up most of our Tuesdays and Thursdays I thought I'd share. Caleb is a Wave 1 graduate!! On to Wave 2. He is constantly testing the patience of the life guards doing "illegal" flips but he says he is just practicing for summer;) Ainsley is swimming underwater, on her back, and is the best belly flopper in town but must repet Preschool 2. Thats okay. We still have 3 more months until Summer! Tate is too young for winter swim lessons but likes to walk out (not holding onto anything) into the middle of the water until it comes up to his nose and just stand there, looking around. He likes to just look around and then come back. He loves the turtle slide and with is short statue and large weight he flys fast!!!!!!! We love the pool!! We Aubrey has the chance to come with us, she loves the lazy river and the hot tub! We are quite a group!!! We will start up with swim lessons at the end of the month...until out for Tater of the POOL!!!


Ella said...

I always love your updates! I'm jealous that Tate is so adventurous in the water. Both my kiddos are water wimps!

Bryan and Katie said...

LOVE reading your blog. so glad you updated it! You make me look forward to disastrous adventures in this parenthood thing. Tate looks like Spencer!!