Thursday, June 9, 2011

Spring, Swim Lessons, Soccer, Sleep Overs, Smiles,
Sun, Summer, End Of School Party, Cheer, Sickness, Sun, and For Sale!

We've been oh so busy these last couple of months but I'll fill you in a little.
Over General Conference Weekend Toad-o joined our family. I can neither confirm nor deny how long he stayed or weather he lived but he is no longer with his as of the next day! Caleb was disappointment in the most DRAMATIC way, of course! Also, over General Conference Weekend the sun finally came! Hope, hope for an awesome summer!!- oh Caleb took out his first tooth!
Swim Lessons continued... what you cant see is the cow girl boots that are worn with the beautiful git up! Every Tuesday and Tuesday this is what Ainsley looked like walking into the Matt Ross Center. She did really good Passing Preschool 2 and moving onto Wave 1! Caleb passed Wave 1 and Wave 2 and gets to do Wave 3!! Way to go Griners!
The minute spring was officially coming into summer we were ready! Ready for summer weather... So happy! We got to spend Easter with Andy's sister's family and drove down to Windsor. Of course, not just the Easter Bunny came but Caleb took out his second tooth so the tooth fairy came also. Of course!
Soccer over took our spring...every Tuesday Wednesday and Saturday. Caleb was actually really good!
He used his down time to wiggle his teeth loose...of course!
Aubrey loved soccer. And her July birthday put her with the 7 year olds! We asked her if she like Monday cheer or soccer best and she said it was too close to tell!!
Oh the thing kids do at school! I was a bit surprise to receive calls talking about a sleep over at my house the upcoming Friday! Say what??! Oh my daughter is so excited, said the moms! Say what??! Well, okay...I can do it. Ice cream, put some tinker bell fruit snacks in pop corn, make your own crown, laughing, chase each other, Tangled, stories, songs...7 girls...
lots of laughing, lots of screaming, lots of ohs, and hahas! Lights out by 10:40 and I heard actually snoring by 10:50! I was shocked!! But 5am came and they were awake...I made them wait until 6 but they were rearing to go!!! Lots of pancakes, 18 eggs, a thing of bacon!! Yum Yum!!! Girl Time...I think I totally passed it off! Tater the Terror!!!End of the Year Party!!! Candy Bar Game, Dance Freeze, Present Game...good bye Kindergarten!!!Grandpa and Grandpa Clark flew up for a visit and Grandma helped with final homework!They took us to T-Rex! They took the kids to a play place, baby sat the kids Friday night, and had lunch with Aubrey at school on Friday during the day!!Ainsley took the digging for fossils very seriously
Grandpa did lots of wrestling!
Its Summer...Pool time and Ainsley is a swimmer. We spend most of our days at the pool and the other night a friend took the 3 older kids for the majority of the night after 30 minutes of being home she fell asleep bum up in the air! HA!
Tate..I am starting the think he has spent the last year and a half of his life watching, observing, and silently taking note...because he is so quick to cause disaster. Category 10. He can get into Andy's protein powder and 10 minutes later dump out 3 big containers of spices directly after he will wash his hands in the toilet! Blame it on his ear infections or the fact that he has thrown up almost ever day since January but he is driving me crazy!!! At 32 pounds he is built low to the ground and can move surprisingly fast! He can also say No fast! He wont go to Nursery, he will walk right into the deep end at the pool, and he finds a way out of the back yard every change he gets! He IS OUT OF CONTROL! He does take naps though, every day at noon. Best 2 hours of the day. 2 hours of clean quietness (well, it would be if Caleb, Ainlsey, Aubrey napped but beggars cant be choosers!)


Smith Family said...

Oh how I have missed you Sara!! Thanks for the update. Makes me feel like I made a visit to your house and I haven't been gone for almost 3 months now.
So glad to hear that the Griners are alive and kicking as usual. Miss you!!

KeiserFamily said...

T-Rex??! my Briggy LOVES that place:) how fun! your fam is seriously cute Sara!