Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Griner Christmas Letter 2011

Our yellow brick road has been quite the adventure. Swimming Lessons, Cheer, Summer Bible Camp, Soccer and more Soccer. The tooth fairy was in fine form this year coming, what seemed like, every week!! We took our first family vacation to St. Louis visiting The Arch, The zoo, The Spaghetti Factory, The Magic House, and Incredible Pizza!!
We also, had lots of visitors this year and met some new friends!!

Andrew (32) loves his job as an Occupational Therapist working with Alzheimer’s Patient, exercising, and his many daddy/daughter dates!!! He introduced the kids to Star Wars this year….every dvd!

Aubrey (7) loves 1st grade, learning to read and loves Library. She played 2 seasons of Soccer this year and was a great defender!! She has loved having friends over and loves sleepovers!!! She has become quite the swimmer and when she grows up she wants to be a librarian!! We found out (after Aubrey lost 2 more pounds) that she is allergic to milk, egg white, wheat, and sesame seed. Even though her diet has changed she is still as skinny as ever!!!!
Caleb (6) Started Kindergarten!!!! He loves science and counting to 100. He begs to do homework and loves practicing his sight words!! Caleb played two seasons of Soccer this year and loves his team and coach. Caleb finally sleeps through the night, jumped off the high dive, and cant keep himself from making people laugh. I am sure he is giving poor Mrs. Talb a run for her money this year!!! When he grows up he wants to be a scientist!
Ainsley (4) is a Sunbeam, she loves to color and passed 3 swimming classes this year!! She loves to run and play with legos!! She is a great big sister and although she does not sleep through the night she still takes a nap!! She had stitches on the back of her head this fall and countless bruises from trying to keep up with her big brother Caleb!! When she grows up she wants to be a painter!!!
Tate (2) aka. The Tater Tot is always smiling, laughing, and climbing. He weighs in at 35 pounds (3 pounds more than Ainsley). He loves to swim and play with trains. His pockets are never empty. He has also started potty training!!! He still doesn’t say Yes, only No but he talks and talks. Funny how he can say truck, tractor, tow truck, plow truck, and yellow car but still cant say Yes! He is a favorite among the older kids friends and his brother and sisters just love making him laugh and teaching him new things!!! He had tubes put in his ears in May and stitches over the summer on his forehead…I must say that it didn’t slow him down at all!

Sara (26) This year has been a year of new experiences! I have learned that neighbors are wonderful, play dates are life savers, and sleepovers involve no sleep whatsoever!!! I have learned that my IPOD is magical and the peanut butter song…well, there is only so many times a Mom can hear that in one day!!! I have learned that the flu circles back lasting weeks, homework comes by the hand full, and there is nothing better then watching your child play soccer!! I have learned that summer is the best time of the year, we never get tired of the pool hopping, and although I thought pillow pets were a phase… it looks like I am stuck with them for an unforeseen long time! I have learned that having your house on the market during the summer with 4 small children is very hard, keeping things spotless is an all day thing which involves following my children around, and stills somehow they manage to color on the wall!
We are so thankful for 2011 and this beautiful rainy Christmas Season. We have enjoyed Caroling, putting up Christmas lights, decorating, un-decorating, and redecorating the tree, and the beautiful Christmas stories about our Savior. We are so grateful that our family is forever because after all “There is no place like home”!Things for 2011...
Caleb's introduction to Bug Nano's now I seem to step on them everywhere.
Aubrey and Caleb's introduction to the game or trick "Made Ya Look!!"-they do not understand it but love saying it over and over and over
Ainsley phobia of would be hilarious if it was so serious!
Tate's obsession with shoes. He always has to have them on. Even if we can only find one...that is okay with him.
Wild Kratts...actually a pretty cool show and all 4 kids love it.
Super Garfield....thank you Netflix. Whenever its Ainlsey's or Tate's turn to pick a movie without a doubt they will pick that!
My little sister engagement...congrats!!


Kristen and Spencer said...

Yea! I've been waiting for 6 months for a post :) it sounds like you guys have been busy and having fun! Your kids are so cute and growing up!

Hepworth Family said...

Thanks for the update! Sure seems like you need a good dentist! :) Or a new bank account with all the teeth you are loosing!
Glad to hear that you are doing well.