Wednesday, July 24, 2013

When Your 9!

When you are 9!
Aubrey is 9!
She likes blue, drawing, and going to church.
She loves to swim, read, and color.
She loves an Australian tv show called H2O and she loves to ride her bike.
She loves school, art, and she is quiet.
She loves to dance, sing, and she likes to save her money.
She did NOT understand Gone With The Wind, she LOVED The Sound of Music!
She is kind, compassionate, and very shy. 
This year she did not like skirts, the color pink is SOOOOO last year, and Ben is her friend.
Tether ball is AWESOME, bosko sticks are the BEST, and you can never have enough key chains on your backpack!
1D is very cool, school family skate night- yes please!, and Mom gets a hug every night as long as in public I am not too embarrassing and do not ask too many embarrassing questions.
She makes good choices, loves to make little books, dreads talking on the phone or in public, and does not like being the center of attention!
She is wonderful and we are so lucky to have her, I think we will keep her!

 Aubrey is getting so tall!  I was at the store and I had to ask the sales clerk where the skinny size 8 slim's were!  I saw them advertised in the little girl magazine I get.  I was so excited to find some shorts and jeans that will finally fit this skinny girl!
A flip flop party for Aubrey.  We live in a different school district then the rest of the little girls Aubrey goes to church with and we live in a different city from all the girl that Aubrey goes to school as.  Weird location.  So we let Aubrey have a party for the 2 groups to meet and for Aubrey to get to know them a little better also.  Each girl got to make their own little pizza, I made dairy free- wheat free giant cupcakes and it was a blast!  Especially considering the power went out the night before!  Nice!

 We played a flip flop coloring game to the Beach Boys, the cotton ball game, the present game, and each girl made their own hair tie adding water balloons!

These were the party favors!  So fun!
 After the party it was fun to see a double rainbow...and nice to have a day of rain!  Kind of a summer cool down!  Happy Birthday Aubrey!

 On Aubrey's real birthday I took her into the city to have lunch with Andy. While she was watching a magic show at McDonalds and chowing down we drove past our old house and picked up an old friend to spend the day!!!  Like nothing has changed!!
 Ainsley lost her 2 front teeth!  Not by an accident...I know, it is a common question! 

 Caleb's hair is turning a tad green... we will cut it before school starts or we could just wait until he gets baptized!!!  We have had a fun summer! Not too hot, the grass is still pretty green and I know my kids wont say it but they are getting really excited for school to start!!
*On an exciting not Congrats to my sister...she closes on her house soon and my sister in-law is due with her baby boy any day!
*Around the 4th of July Aubrey got a letter in the mail from her friend asking her a series of questions one of which was Do you want to be my WIFE?!!
*At the pool a different friend told Aubrey or rather stated...If we get married I will by you a dress! 
Since these two rather bold things have happened my children have been extremely curious about age...When can you get married?  How old will I be when they are 18?  How old was Andy when he got married?  For goodness sakes!!  Poor Aubrey...she was so embarrassed by the entire thing we just told her waiting until she was 25-28 sounds like a good solid age to find a nice good looking guy!!  And as far as Caleb goes he needs to think of a more lucrative gaming is not going to cut it.  Tornado Chasing...maybe!

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