Saturday, August 3, 2013

Tate is 4!!!

4 on the 4th!!!
Our Tate is 4.
Our youngest, our bravest, and often times our most understanding.
It is so funny to think that Tate is turning 4.  That so much time has past.  That all those toddler phases are just done, gone.  As a mother THIS part of my life is over and I am taking a step forward.  Hu, wow.  I feel really grateful for this little boy!
Being 4 means...he is a sunbeam.
He like fruit.  Blueberries, banana's, strawberries...if we are at the store and I tell him he can pick anything he wants and he will go strait to the banana's.
He rarely cries.  If he falls, that's what it is. He gets up and grabs a stick or goes down a slide.
He tells me he loves me often and out of no where, it's the best part of my hour!
He always has things in his, soda tabs, broken sticks, cars.
He loves to explore.  He loves the airport park.  He loves Ainlsey. 
He loves to catch turtles and tree frogs.  He like to pick purple flower weeds for me.
He loves dogs and his stuffed wiener dog. 
He hates "bean greens" and peas.  He talks really loud.  Ryan and Joshua are his friends.  He loves his sleepovers at Grandma's and spending time with his Grandpa.  It is pretty much the highlight of his entire 2013 year.
One night when Tate wasn't feeling good I sang him to sleep singing Little Mermaids "Part of Your World"..he will never admit it, nor will he let me do it again, but some times he likes pretty things too...(maybe it is a every 4 years kind of a thing)
He loves to ride his bike.  He is constantly making a mess but always has to wear clean clothes so he is always without clothes....boy, it is hard to be 4!!
He is good at sharing, loves going to the zoo, and loves batman.
I think we will keep him!
 By mid summer he was swimming without a life jacket and going off the diving board!  The pre-teens and teenager provided quite a cheering section for him!
 Tate had a Monster's Inc. Party! 
Once again my dairy free cupcakes got no complains...I didn't have to do the egg and wheat again so that was nice.  I also find that if you do not tell the kids in advance that different change in ingredient they never know the difference!
 Pin the Eye on Mike!
 Monsters and Caleb...

Happy Birthday Tate!  We love you! 
*It has been a funky summer with the weather being so so and the chiggers being totally out of control.  I taught the kids how to play kickball for family night!  That was hilarious it was Tate and me vs Caleb, Ainlsey, and Aubrey!  Tate is a beast and I will be on his team any time!
*Uno...the kids are getting really good.  We had a family over last Saturday.  Andy is in a band with the husband so we thought it would be nice to get together and the husband could play and everyone else could just relax.  You could hear the music from the basement while I was playing Uno with the kids in the dinning the same time in unison all the children (mine and theirs) broke out sing a Weezer song while playing an intense game of Uno.  I can only imagine the memories my children will have when they grow up!!!
*School starts in 10 days.  Are we ready... we are packed. We get the bus line up Monday and new teachers soon.  This year will be so fun!

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