Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Caleb turning 8 means he is still alive, really.
All the disaster, hyper boy behavior, weird teacher emails, and memorable parent teacher conferences has finally led him to the age of accountability.  I love my blonde hair blue eye boy.  The one that "Tell's joke at inappropriate times"  but still brings me notes late at night with a picture that says I love you.  He has changed my life, forever and always.
Onto life...Ainsley goes to school looking like this.  And comes home looking like something that doesn't have a home!!  Same smile, always happy and laughing while walking through the door but woooooo is she a mess.  For a school without an art program I wonder what goes on there.  It looks like she might wrestle or something as well.  When I asked her she says in an exciting voice with hand movement "IT JUST GETS SO CRAZY DURING NAP TIME AND ON THE TIRE SWING!!"

 Tate and I have a routine.  On Friday we mow.  We stare at the mower and the lawn for a while, talk about mowing, talk about cleaning out the mower, BUT we mow eventually.  This Friday we had a long list of things to do before Caleb's big party and so Tate wanted to get right to work. No talking he said.  He even cleaning out the bottom of the mower for me!  That was nice!

 Caleb's party was tricky.  Our location makes it interesting because we are in a different school district for the kids we go to church with and a different city then the kids we go to school with.  So, Caleb handed out invites but few said they were coming.  Andy and I were exited to have a low key party.  Decorate your own giant cupcakes, have the boys make giant pizza's, do some boy games...ya...when 17 8 year olds showed up...crazy imploded.  Luckily I do crazy well and other kids (not my own) think I am PRETTY COOL!   
 Water balloons are always fun, thankfully Gretchen stuck around!
Once all the boys were wet they weren't smelling so good...didn't think that through.  All in all it went fine!  The science explosion was the best part!  Happy Birthday Caleb!  You are 8!
(This is the first party I didn't have to make special frosting...it was awesome, it was nice not to have any boys with allergies...yahoo, to this age group!!!  Although, I did make special cupcakes)- I wonder if it is a year thing or something... maybe a boy thing?  One year there is major food allergies one year there isn't?
~On Saturday I took Caleb and his friend to the store to spend Caleb's birthday money.  We stopped by the pet store.  We are considering a lizard and it was dog adoption day so I wanted to just look.  His best friend Nathan has a pretty nice tan, brown hair, brown eyes.  We were walking around and the lady said would you and your sons be interested in dog adoption.  I said...oh, this is my son and his friend.  But she misunderstood and thought because Caleb looks nothing like me that the friend was mine...the boys thought that was the funniest thing and pretty much laughed for 10 minutes and the entire car ride after that!  While Caleb might look just like Andy and act just like him, and dress in a similar way one day someone is going to say...that Caleb G. looks just like his mom!  One day!   

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