Wednesday, September 4, 2013

15 years

15 Year Reunion
It was crazy hot and no town can party it down like Andy's town.  I lived for a couple of years in a small town in Wyoming and let me tell you that this town it 1/4 the size.  We love it.  We go to Septemberfest every year.  This year Andy's high school graduating class was having their 15 year reunion...Yahoo, for the CLASS OF 1998!  I think 30 showed up (out of 60).  The kids thought it was fun to see their dad on a parade float.  Every year Windsor has the same floats.  The class reunion, cool tractors, running queens, princess', cool cars, marching band, old and new fire trucks.  It is fun!
 Class of 1998, Andy included...we didn't come early so Andy just hopped on last minute and the kids didn't get on with him.
 Ainsley, Caleb, Tate ready for candy.  Tate waved in a very serious manner...he wanted that candy. The fire truck throws stuffed animals and he ended up with a cool lobster this year! (Aubrey was in the shade I think)
 High fives!!
 After the parade while Andy was at his party we went to the carnival with Andy's mom!.  Ainlsey was in heaven!  Caleb complained that all the rides were for babies.
 Aubrey thought this ride was perfect, especially because it was so stinkin' hot outside.  Caleb continued to complain that all the rides were for babies.
 I found a ride.  He was barely tall enough to go on.  Caleb is a very sensitive kid.  He begged to go on even after explaining what the ride did in detail.  I saw this going one of two ways.  He was kind of a complainer all I let him hop on...since we were the first ones at the carnival I knew they would be able to stop the ride if he wanted off....yep...he made it up, and then wanted off.  I think that he is still 3 years away from a real ride.  He is just a little guy.  He loved the swing ride though!! 
 For Caleb's 8th birthday we got him a pretty good looking suit!  I had begged Andy and Caleb to take time and try it on...see how it fits because it was the smallest size.  Ya, no.  Sunday morning came and it was a tad big BUT he looked good.  Mostly the complaint from the peanut gallery was why didn't I get him real church shoes. WELL!!!!!  Really, I wasn't on my list of priorities.  It took me and my shopping buddy (TATE) forever to find that suit!!

 Of course, Ainlsey wanted her picture taken if Caleb was having his taken.
Tate wanted to wear his blazer on Sunday but once we were there we noticed how it really didn't fit was a "fat guy in a little coat" moment.  With his pants too.  I think I might have to put a restriction on peanut butter sandwiches to 3-4 a day.  Goodness. (He does this before we go to church a lot.  He has this stuffed Weiner Dog that he likes to take with him places but I do not let him take it to church so he just plops down like death.  That is also why I have started wearing flats to church. Maneuvering Tate with his size is just not something you do in awesome heels. So very sad.)

-things we heard in August...clipping up.  Ainlsey continues to run threw the door after school exclaiming!  I clipped up or I clipped to the principal!  Its a behavior thing at the school.  We thought it was only in kindergarten.  Only after back to school night did we find out it was in every grade.  Imagine a parents surprise when one child has clipped to the principal 2 times and 2 children haven't had any progress at all...hummmm!!
-aubrey gets phone calls from friends now.  often.  usually a boy, the same boy.  yah.  I need to get a phone with a cord like the old days.
- my mom recently told me "oh well so and so's baby" and I was like what?  when people do not update their blogs I think they only have 2 kids when they really have 4 kids!  it makes me look like a really bad person and I have no idea where everyone lives and I am still here in Kansas...KANSAS !!

I really welcome all to visit.  There are fields, we have a free farm, and a lake you can not swim in, we just look at and play by down the street.  How can you beat that!!!  Actually, we do have awesome stuff because we ARE KC BABY!!

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