Friday, September 20, 2013

Six, Pretty much the best day ever...of my life

Ainsley waited for all 3 of her siblings birthdays to pass. She waited for school to start.  She just kind of waited all summer basically.  Since we moved to a new area I told her she could have a party...she picked the theme and POW...the count down began....CANDYLAND.  
 The night before while she was asleep I filled her room with balloons.  She woke up excited for school, excited to be 6, excited for Friday, excited for Fall, excited for library at school that day, just excited for it to pretty much be the best day of her entire life, ever!
 While she was at school, I set up.  With Caleb home of course.  I can always count on him to have the flu on every scheduled important day (at 1am that morning he vomited and had a high fever so I started the day with a POW, yuck).  This is my solution to a pinata.  I hate those things.  Kids with bats, plus we do not have a tree so this was a clever alternative and it went with my CANDYLAND theme.
 Over 800 gumballs all over the house in vases and jars.  The girls thought that was so exciting!

 We played life size CANDYLAND!  It was so much fun!  
 Punch the dots...I didn't tell the kids what was in the dots.  They were curious...excited.  Everything was OOOOOO,  AHHHHHH,  WOOOOW!  So new and wonderful!  
 Andy played the guitar to the present game and the little girls just thought that was hilarious!  The song was "Lollipop."  They had to do silly things.  They were laughing, blushing, and dancing.  
 A couple of crafts, ending with decorate your own cupcake...
 The little 6 year olds take crafts very seriously and getting them to move on to the next activity took some work but it was fun.  Home made pizza by the mouth full, lemonade, glitter hairspray...and we didn't even have time for the 2 final games!  
I heard about 30 times how super incredible today was, when Ainsley opened presents stuffed dogs, hello kitty, and these silly glasses that Ainsley might never take off were "the coolest" of "the coolest!" Our old neighbors came over for the party to make it as Ainlsey said "PRETTY MUCH THE BEST DAY EVER, OF MY LIFE!"

She loves school, pickles, and her best friend Makiya!
She loves stuffed animals, doing homework, riding her bike, and going to her grandma's house.
She love to listen to music and sing.  She is kind and a good helper.
Her favorite book is Hanna Horse.
Her favorite color is purple.
She loves Hello Kitty.

*Ainlsey was also athlete of the week at school so that was fun.  I hope Ainlsey always stays this delightful and happy spirited.  In her world the simplest kindest is OUT OF THIS WORLD and everything is AMAZING, WONDERFUL, and LOVELY. So is she!  I love you more than watermellon Ainsley!

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