Sunday, October 27, 2013

Back in the Fall of it all!!

Back in the fall of it all...

 Spirit week...Pajama day, red day, team day, halloween colors day... all sorts of fun days!  The best way to start back to school from FALL BREAK!  
 Ainsley's very first field trip.  Good thing she has a scarf in every beautiful color made by her Grandma Grayson!  Andy's mom came up to watch Tate so I could go with her. Tate loves when he gets to spend time with Marlene and it was my first field trip with one of the kids, I am so glad I got to spend the day with Ainsley. 
 They did a matching activity before they got on the bus!  That Ainsley can do matching and patterns in her sleep!  She loves LOVES school!
 It was fun to be a parent helper and be in her group.  We had a great group.  It was a blast at the farm.  Ainsley is the bravest person I know but terrified of goats.  HAHAHA!  

 Everything was so fun!  It was freezing cold!  Ainsley picked out a pumpkin that weighed more then her, I think!  So heavy!  
 I always wonder what it would be like to do a THEME for Halloween.  One time when Aubrey was 3 and Caleb was 2 they were Cinderella and Princess Charming and then for a spring activity Caleb was a Greeser and Aubrey wore a poodle skirt!  If only we could go back to the days before Batman ruled the world and NO WAY IN KANSAS are they going to match each other!  When I tell them other normal families that love each other do themes.... they are quiet and then onward with their choices.  

Saturday while Caleb was at Andy's parents we took the kids to Andy's yearly work tick or treat!  It is fun to see the residents so happy and the kids love it too!  Ainsley was a monster.  Aubrey was Princess Leah.
 Tate IS Batman...he might continue to be batman until the costume is unwearable!  He was BATMAN last year and for the month after and whenever a babysitter comes over he sneaks it out.  He dreams about it and constantly talks about it.  He tells people when we are at the park he is going to be batman, so yes...BATMAN!    
Only a couple more days until November....we will live it up!!!  We love OCTOBER!!
We also went to the Clinton Ward Party this year.  It has been a couple of years since we have gone.  It was just as fun as always.  Fun friends and family, like we have never left.  Our children love that ward.  A spooky haunted walk, a trampoline, a big fire, and lots of food plus grandma and grandpa!  It doesn't get any better then that!

Getting back in the fall of things would have gone a lot smoother if our washer wouldn't have broke in the middle of a full load.  Luckily I had all the clothes done from out vacation but still.  I do 2-3 loads a day.  Add towels and sheets.  Laundry is life.  Routine.  Tate and I spent the week looking for a new washer.  Andy said that if I promised to NEVER over fill it I could get a front loader.  Well, that is the most OBSURD promise...I couldn't keep that considering my extensive laundry history over the past 11 years.  So, Thursday after 5 different stores I found one Andy wanted.  Draining water, ringing out clothes is so stupid and SUPER gross.  They should have an emergency button!!  Of course even if it looks like you have all the water you don't so when you go to move your washer… watch out for your brand new floors because your washer will just exploded with freezing cold water.  NOT A GOOD WEEK.  When you are so used to a washer, 10 years.  A new washer is hard to get used to.  I will.

I also ran out of has been a good 8 months so its about time, plus all the phone calls with the school and meetings and driving back and forth from the school, and trips to drop off paper work...I wouldn't really call last week a score one for me.  I could have used my movie buddy, but she moved.  A laughing, last minute, 3 hours after, get it, understanding, no judging, still laughing, movie buddy who likes the previews, likes hot chocolate is something I really didn't appreciate for the last 3 years.  I miss it, those are good for a mom to have. 

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Clair said...

I hope everyone shared candy with caleb. :) Aubrey makes the perfect princess lea... everyone looks cute! props to you for getting through the washer trouble.