Tuesday, November 5, 2013


A week of rain.  Hard core, endless rain storms that no one can survive.  In my entire life I never remember it raining on Halloween so I wasn't exactly sure what to tell the kids when it continued to poor down on Halloween morning as they got ready for school.  Since they weren't allowed to dress up in Halloween costumes it was just like any other day...except they could ride the bus home or meet me out from because I would be there for class parties.
Tate and I had had an eventful week in the rain.  Endless rain, endless traveling in the rain, Evaluations, and Doctors appointments.  Not fun for Tate to have to go and sit through, especially since they weren't about him but he was a trouper until he started throwing up on Wednesday....leading to non-other then a strep throat test (+) and medicine that he had to be chased and pinned down to take.  Why?...we do not know!
Ainsley got to wear pajamas on Halloween!   
Mummy-wrap game.  Ainsley teacher is the only one who lets me bring a younger sibling and good thing because I was in charge of the craft!  Tate had been taking his medicine for 24 hours so we were in the clear and since he is a clean little Tater he had had 3 baths and a shower.  Ainsleys new teacher is so incredible.  I never thought I would say this because we love Miss Susan but Miss Purcell has been such a great fit for Ainsley she is right up there is league with Miss Susan.  That is saying a lot!!
During the Halloween Party it stopped raining and the sun came out.  Making the weather perfect.  Kansas weather...what can you say!
Trick or Treating...Caleb picked his costume out 5 minutes because we headed out.   Not age appropriate but you choose your battles, and I have had too many this week.  Our neighbors were so fun this year.  The kids were bummed at first that we weren't driving them to our old neighborhood to trick or treat until the first two houses.  Personalize trick or treat bags, big candy bags, king size candy bars.  Awesome candy.  It was the best with perfect weather!

*Ainsley lost another loose tooth...her phobia of blood has NOT improved.  Was she excited or more terrified?  It was really hard to tell.
*Caleb started his new 4th grade reading homework.  It works alot better for him.
*All 4 kids got to be in the Primary Program, parts memorized, and they did really good.  Tate made it half way through!
*The trash company picked up my washer this week.  It was kind of sad...I felt like I should have left a note of gratitude on it because my new one take 30-45 minutes longer a load and makes a really weird sound.  Tate and I actually thought someone was breaking into the garage because I couldn't place the weird sounds.  Boy I am going to miss my washer I always complained about.

With the Halloween stuff tubbed up and Thanksgiving out Gratitude is in that air and I talked Andy into getting pumpkin inserts for the air fresheners! Pretty big deal!
Go Chiefs!  9-0!

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