Friday, May 22, 2009

In all honesty the idea of a pre-school graduation sounded a little over the top to us. Especially with Aubrey going to pre-school again next year. But with the announcement that Aubrey will be dismissed from the speech program having reached the appropriate improvement needed to start kindergarten without a special ed class, we have reason to celebrate!!!

Since it was such an important celebration for Aubrey I decided that taking Caleb/Ainsley with me to the event would overshadow her there is only so much a pregnant mom can take! So Andy took a long and early lunch break and went to Aubrey's school! I figured it was for the best because I always feel stupid being 1 of 2 adults that speech english. Every other adult speaks spanish (hense the special speech program)and Andy fits right in!Items required for a special graduating: A new dress and head band. Other items that Aubrey thought was manditory were make-up (a light blush, pretending to put on mascara, and my lip stick), perfectly painted finger/toe nails, and curled hair.

She stood my the famous Joe the entire time!Receving the "most important" diploma! Mrs. Susan and Miss Jamie
(Aubrey is actually smiling!!! Its a miracle!)Her pre-school class. You would have never thought there were so many girls in her class. All of which she has never mentioned! For the past school year we have heared about Joe, Casey, and Gherbetto!!
We are so grateful that Aubrey had the opportunity to go to the pre-school and receieve the correct amount of speech therapy she needed. It was been a rough 2 years trying to find her the therapy she needed to begin talking. We love her and we are so proud of how far she has come!! Being able to have converstations with Aubrey mulitple times a day has been wonderful. She sees life in a completely MAGICAL and inoccent light and we are so grateful for the part she plays in our family!

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Tiffany said...

what an exciting day! I love the new dress!