Sunday, May 31, 2009

Aubrey and Caleb's trip to Florida
The switch off from our van to my parents car was more emotional for me then I thought it would be. The minute we arrived at the gas station just miles outside of Jonesburro, Arkansas the kids were more then ready to hop in "grandpa and grandma's cool car where the roof goes up". Aubrey immediately grabbed her car seat for the trade off. After handing over the kids, their insurance card (when Caleb is involved you can never be to sure), and their favorite kid cd we waved goodbye. Talk about quiet. We didn't know what to do. We just stood their until the Florida license plate was completely out of view. I wanted to call my dad's cell phone right away and see if the kids were okay but Andy said no. The drive home for us was nice, peaceful, and relaxing. Thank you Marlene for watching Ainsley for the day!4 hours into our drive home they called! "M-I-S-S-I-S-S-I-P-P-I!" My parents taught them how to spell Mississippi, they taught them "Alabama the beautiful" and "Florida the sunshine state!" I was very impressed!While Aubrey and Caleb were gone our list of things to do was extremely long. Painting Aubrey's room, gutting the kitchen, and putting in a newer kitchen was the plan. Aubrey's room was a breeze to, purple, and yellow. But the kitchen was another story. I had each night planned out, step by step, so that we could be organized and on schedule. How stupid am I?? Gutting the kitchen was fun (although I wasn't aloud to help because I am pregnant -how much crap is that??? I know I am pregnant, trust me, but I am not incapable of doing manual labor-). We were lucky enough to have the Hubble family come and help. It was going really well until we found mold and the pipe under the sink completely rusted and snapped in half. Stupid old house!! The mold was an easy fix but the pipe is still under going installation along with the new dishwasher tubes. I will post an updated picture as soon as you can tell a difference. Until then I have no kitchen sink.
Meanwhile in Florida the kids are having the time of there lives!
It took less then 24 hours for Caleb to pop his bed. After that they had to sleep in Aunt Steffaney and Aunt Sydneys bed. They didn't seem to mind. They loved chillen with "The tickle Monster!"They went to Sand Destin!They went to the Aquarium! They saw the dolphin show, the sea otter show, and all sorts of fun Florida stuff! They even got splashed by the dolphins (they weren't big fans of getting wet)!They went to the park and fed the ducks!
They went shopping at Destin Commons...
and played at the little park and little water shooters outside of the shops!
They went to the park in Navarre.
They loved being able to transfer from park, to water toys, to the beach in just a matter of steps!
They went to Navarre Beach and Caleb loved the RED FLAG waves.
Aubrey preferred to just play in the sand. She thought the waves were too big and the water tasted like salt!
They went and saw "UP" in 3D. When I asked them what the movie was about they said "It was about a funny chubby boy!" I asked them "why was he funny?" They said "Oh, Grandpa and Grandma laughed at him a lot!"

They also went to Crestview and played in the stake center gym while "grandpa" had a meeting, they went to the HBTS pool, and to multiple McDonalds. They loved going to church with my parents and met a little girl named Ainsley and a little boy named Caleb. They thought that was pretty cool. There was also an incident that happened in the front yard with the Stahura family but thank goodness they weren't strangers!:)
On the way back to meet us they went through Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, and at last Branson, MO! We were so glad to see them. We had missed them a lot, Ainsley especially missed Caleb. Every day she would wake up and said "kk", after two days I finally let her sleep with Caleb's pillow. Spending time alone with Ainsley was a piece of cake. She slept in, took naps, laughed and played, and went to bed on time! I started and finished all 4 Twilight books and taking only one child to my doctors appointment was a delight!
We are so grateful and thankful to be together as a family again. I think it was good for them to spend time with my parents. We are so thankful for all that they did with the kids, all that they taught them, and for all the different things they got to see and do!!!
Things the kids say now
"Grandpa painted my nails!"
"Joseph Smith died. A bad man killed him. He is my grandpa."
(I think they were a little confused and meant uncle but still great knowlegde)
"Grandma reads the millions hundreds millions cat book!"
"Grandpa was driving really fast and got in trouble by a police man who didn't wear a hat!"
"Misquitos bite me and drink my blood. My blood is sweet!"
"Get off your bumb!"

**update on baby "no name" blood pressure was normal for the first time in my entire pregnancy!!! The baby weighs 3 pounds 1 ounce and I am about 32 weeks along. The ultra sound was really fun to see. I have never seen it with the baby so far along!! The ultra sound lady pointed out a little section along the top of the babies head and said "Wow, your baby has lots of hair!" How cool is that!! Very cool! The doctor will call tomorrow with the lab results and on Saturday I will go and take the 3 hour GD test. (That is if my doctor actually transfers the paper work this time! ahg!!)
***also, HAPPY BIG 30 BIRTHDDAY ANDY! I love you!


Tiffany said...

oh how fun, I want to take a fun road trip vacation with your parents! I haven't seen them forever! How fun that you got an ultrasound so late! And I'm so excited that your baby will have hair! I'm a little partial to babies born with lots of hair as you can imagine!

Eric and Ashley Wheeler Family said...

What a good break for you...maybe that's why your blood pressure was normal. :o) Your parents are amazing...tell them I think of them often. Good luck without your sink! I don't know if I could handle it. I hope you are feeling rested...can't wait to see pics of that cute baby and all of the hair! :o)

Clair said...

I love the blow up beds~ too bad didn't last I guess. Glad the two had a good time. I didn't know you could see hair on an ultrasound. That's funny. Isn't it something how one child seems like a piece of cake after having more than one for awhile? Glad you are all back together though. Happy Birthday Andy!

Laura said...

It looks like it was a good break for everyone! Seeing all the pictures of your parents made me miss them a little bit...oh well, it has been quite a few years since I have even seen them...

Matt, Ella, and Jane said...

That is so cool that your parents did that! It sounds like they had a blast! I didn't realize we were that close in pregnancy weeks! You're probably going to have yours before me!! Are you on meds again so as not to go into labor early?