Monday, June 8, 2009

What they really mean...
1. If the framers say they will be here to add counter tops and put in the sink by Saturday...they really mean 6 days later, the following Friday night!
2. If the electrician says it will only take 2 hours....he really means that he has no idea what he is doing and has to call his boss which ends up taking 8 hours (all this time without power).
3. If the drywall guy says he will be done by Wednesday.... he really means the following Wednesday.
4. If your awesome and wonderfully kind neighbors see the kids playing outside and yell "We will be right over!"...they really mean they need to go and fill their pockets with tootsie rolls so the kids will love them even more!!Aubrey has jumped back into "I'm obsessed with HSM!" She was very excited to show us her drawing of Sharpay and Gabriella.
I am posting these next couple of pictures for my parents. Here is the kitchen 10 days later. Andy has become quite the handy man!! Only sparking the power off 3 times! He installed new pluming where the sink is going too! Who would have thought! Installing the cabinets were a piece of cake but now we are waiting and waiting and waiting for the framers to install the new counter tops/sink (sitting in our garage). Ahg!! We still have to finish removing the tile, patch up some holes, and sand down the back all has to be done by Friday. Then next week we will sand and stain the cabinets and paint the kitchen. (I am being extremely optumistic when I say we will do that next reality I hope it will be done by July)The basement is done!!! The kids were so excited! "The floor is so soft and warm," Caleb kept saying over and over again!
The one problem being that the drywall guy unplugged the tv while doing the sanding. So Andy had to go up into the wall and drill some holes (because we cannot get the tv out of the wall now)so he could plug it back in! I was not present during this project and thankfully so because I would have probably has a heart attack! Andy with his set up. Hopefully, the basement will be done with the painting by Wednesday at noon and then we can take some better pictures. Also, adding that the super cheap, brand new, Air Hockey table will not EVER be leaving the basement. We couldn't figure out how we got it for practally nothing until it was wedged down the stairs. It took 4 hours to get it down there and we had to take it completely apart. Any thoughts of moving any time in the next 3 years have been erased from my mind!!!

*Congrats to Alex and Brandy on their new little baby boy!
*Congrats to Courntey on lawschool and the big move south! Nothing is better then the south!


Steve, Meghan & Elena said...

It looks great so far!! You are a trooper for doing all this while being pregnant! Hopefully the rest will go smoothly!

Brittany Hepworth said...

I'm sorry I've been so slow at catching up with your little family!

It seems like you've had quite the excitement happening at your house and at your Parent's! It seems like your hands are full and so is your belly! I hope the pregnancy is going well and that you are excited for another little boy! Take Care!