Wednesday, June 24, 2009

This post is coming a little late but due to our computer only working 25% of the time and not having power for 2 days, I say better late then never!Happy Fathers Day Paul! You are a great father-in-law, wonderful Grandpa and the kids couldn't ask for a more caring and kind dentist! (This picture is from 2004 and missing half of the Griner Grandchildren)Dad, Happy Father's day! You are the #1 dad! Not a bad seminary teacher either!!! The kids sure do miss you and had a wonderful time spending the week with you!
Andy, Happy Father's day! It has been quite a journey! Your a great dad to Aubrey, Caleb, and Ainsley and you are a great husband. Thanks for all you do to help and teach the kids. Looking back through all of the pictures it is a miracle we survived! These kids are driving us crazy!!!! With each new Father's Day you seem to be able to handle every problem, spill, or tantrum with more patience and understanding. You are the greatest!


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Clair said...

Cute! I agree- some great guys there!