Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I cant believe how quickly this year is passing. June is over, thank goodness!! Between the electrician, framers, and dry wall guy I have learned a lot, both good and bad! We put together shelves, shoved an air hockey table into the basement along with 2 arcade games, put together and installed 3 light fixtures and 2 ceiling fans, and sold a bunch of furniture on Craigslist. In between all of that craziness the kids have really grown up a lot!!!

1. With the announcement that Aubrey will be starting Kindergarten in the fall she has become extremely excited and "grown up." She is a great big sister and is always helping Ainsley. She is still in full princess mode and is always wearing a princess dress. She tells everyone, "My birthday is coming up! July 23rd!"
2. Caleb's obsession with a "pet" is getting a bit out of control. I find his carrying around dead bugs and rolly pollies. He takes his roll as "care giver" very seriously and becomes emotional when he is asked to put the bugs back outside.
3. Ainsley loves to show off. Dancing and twirling around. She has to do everything by herself and has to have/do the same things Aubrey and Caleb do! Transferring her to her "big girl" bed in Aubrey's room has been a disaster! She is so cute at times but so cranky! Her hair is getting long and times it looks a little scary!!
STORY... Last night the kids were playing outside on their swing set. They hadn't been outside in a while because it has been so hot with lots of bugs. They had been out their about 3o minutes when Aubrey came inside and said, "Ainsley let Caleb hold the baby bunny!" At first we dismissed it saying "Oh, okay Aubrey." But she kept saying, "SEE. Come SEE!"
We hurried outside and found 2 baby bunnys. Caleb was carrying one around and Ainsley had dibbs on the other one.
The bunnies had made a little nest under the swing set! Both bunnies ended up escaping and we rushed the kids inside for a major wash down. Caleb was (of course) devistated that HIS bunnies were gone.

As for other news...we still have no name for the baby.
Congrats to Steffaney on getting her mission papers mailed off!!!


Heather said...

Ok that is hilarious about the bunnies. So are they now the family pets? I love your basement. I never saw it before, but it sounds like you guys have done so much work with it. I LOVE it. I can't wait till we have our own house..... someday! :) Looks great though, how fun!

.Lane & Jesika. said...

Those poor bunnies! HA HA!! That is funny. Your little boy sounds just like my husband. Lane had every pet imaginable when he was little. Gerbils, snakes, lizard, birds, fish, ducks, a donkey... EVERYTHING. I just hope my kids don't get that gene of his. I don't really like animals in the house. Your house looks good.

Ella said...

Your kids are so funny! I can't believe the pics of the baby bunnies. I hope your making progress on the baby name bc it's coming up! But I did enjoy waiting to meet Jack before we decided on his name. Maybe that could work for you.