Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ribs, Dishwasher, and BYU

Here are a few random pictures of the last week. After spending a morning outside playing on the swing set (yes, in his underwear)he was covered in chigger bits and hungry. Andy let him try his leftover ribs. He loved them and was distracted enough for me to put medicine on his bug bites without hassle!
A week late on delivery we finally got our new dishwasher. It was a bitter sweet moment because Andy spent hours trying to install the free one our neighbors gave us. After a week of beyond dirty dishes we had to face facts and buy one. The kids were very excited!! (Yes, Caleb is wearing a "too big for him" BYU t-shirt inside out....the other side was dirty from the day before and it was a compromise from just underwear)
The dishwasher installers son was happy to let the kids observe and said he didn't mind if Caleb asked questions and helped. Pretty sure he regretted that decision an hour and over 50 questions later.After Ainsley spent the entire night crying I was dreading the morning. I figure that she would be cranky and in a crying mood. But thankfully it was nothing that Elmo, 2 identical looking blankets, a small bowl of Frosted Mini Wheats, and a BYU hat couldn't solve.Anything BYU seems to be the "must wear" item lately. After hiding Calebs "too big for him" t-shirt Ainsley dug up Caleb's "too small for him" BYU hat. GOTTA SUPPORT THE TEAM!!

News on the home front:
A big congrats to SETH and KARALEE! Your home owners!!
1. Excitingly, I am still pregnant. I will be 37 weeks tomorrow and have never carried this long! We have high hopes for a chubby baby! Not so exciting is how sick I have been. Andy says I have been this sick every time but it seems hard to believe!
2. We think we have a name but we are not sure....
3. Home construction has been put on hold. Mainly because my patience for the constuction workers is NONE especially after discovering that I have to repaint Aubrey's room (I just painted it the end of May) because the constuction guys tore up the wall/drywall all around the door. So for the safety of everyone involved all construction is just going to have to wait. We did put ceiling fans in every room and installed all the new lights in kitchen ourselves. We look forward to our "soon to be" new roof.
4. Also, good news. The kids are ready for the baby to come! They have assigned eachother jobs. For example:
Caleb "I will hold, feed, and brush the babies hair. He is a boy and I am his brother!"
Aubrey "The baby is a boy Caleb! He will not have hair. Silly. I will change his diaper!"
(Caleb was more then willing to let Aubrey volenteer for that one but he is insistant that the baby will have lots of hair.)
Ainsley "Baby. Kiss."
I figure this is a good sign and I am excited to see their reactions when the baby is actually here.


Clair said...

Before you even mentioned it I was cracking up at how the kids were hovering over the dishwasher guy. You have done so much to your home and you should be proud. Can't wait to hear about the baby and that name that you think you have but still aren't sure.

Nicole Heape said...

What's the babies name going to be? Or is it going to be a surprise?

Pickles for Breakfast ! said...

Sounds like you are only left with the baby laundry and getting him dressed!