Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Crazy week ended with a Birthday Celebration!!

Since this past week I have been in and out of the hospital and doctors office it was hard to plan a birthday party for Aubrey. We wanted to do something special but didn't want to plan something that we couldn't follow through with. So Thursday night while Andy's mom was still here we took Aubrey to Toys R Us so she could spend her birthday money (from my parents and Grandpa and Grandma Grayson). She loved looking at all the possible presents but settled on a Princess dress-up kit. Afterwords we took her to Sonic for an Ice Cream Cone.
On Saturday morning we made a quick stop at the requested McDonald's and then headed to Crown Center for the LEGO exhibit. It was awesome!!! Aubrey spends multiple hours a day playing with lego's so she really loved looking at everything and building her own lego masterpiece!Ainsley wanted to do whatever Aubrey was doing!Very Cool! Of course, Caleb had a million questions.After the lego exhibit we went to the candy store where Aubrey picked out all Pink Starbursts and then we headed outside for some water/sand fun! Caleb loves his new hair cut!! I was sad to see all of his beautiful hair gone but he sure does look handsome!After our fun at Crown Center we had a small party for Aubrey with Andy's parents. After the kids ate pizza Aubrey opened her presents!!All the presents were a big hit and Aubrey was kind enough to let Ainsley help open them!CAKE TIME!PINYATA TIME!!! Everyone got a chance to hit the pinyata 2 times! Ainsley was a quick learner!!! After everyone got 2 turns it was Andy's turn!
We had a fun quiet day and we are so excited that Aubrey is 5! Time sure has pasted quickly!!

A special thanks:
A special thanks to my mother in-law Marlene who came up and stayed with us. I do not know what I would have done.
Thank you to Gretchen for taking Caleb for the afternoon!
Thanks to my parents and Steff. It was nice to see you for the day!
Thank you to Andy...you really have been patient and done well to work while holding down the fort!

We enrolled Aubrey in Kindergarten yesterday!!! She got to meet the new Principal! Very exciting!! She is going to be in Kindergarten!!! THIS IS CRAZY!!!
Also, I am off of bed rest (says the doctor but if you ask Andy he says no)! The baby is growing big and seems to have no desire to come any time soon. Hopefully, I will not go passed my due date but I am really excited to have a chubby healthy baby!!!


Clair said...

Aubrey is such the princess! I think it's so funny she picked dress up clothes. I'm sure she had worn her others out. You may want to prepare her for the fact that dress up clothes don't come in sizes bigger than 5t.
Caleb looks handsome in his new do.

I can't believe you are off bed rest Sara! Guess that means it's okay for baby to come anytime?

I agree that my Mom is such a lifesaver. Always ready to give of herself. Love her.

Well, we are thinking of you all and wish we could have been with you for Aubrey's birthday.

Take it easy, still!

Laura said...

Happy Birthday to Aubrey!! It looks like she had a fun day. Good luck this last little while! I cannot believe that you have a child in kindergarten...that means we are getting old...