Sunday, July 19, 2009

A weekend for the books...
(warning lots of boring writing at the end so feel free to skip it)

On Friday morning Paul/Marlene came up to watch the kids while I went to a doctors appointment. The kids were beyond excited to spend time with their grandparents.Aubrey was so excited that Grandpa let her sneak a piece of Andy's cheese cake . Shhh! It is suppose to be a secret!
Grandma pushed Aubrey and Ainsley around in a mini wagon. We do have a regular size wagon but why would they want to sit comfortably in that when they can squeeze and cram into a small one?!
Grandma pushed them on the swings in our "jungle like" backyard. It was about 2 weeks pass due for a mowing.
And of course Caleb has to play ambulance. He would ride around a little bit and then gently fall and Grandpa would rush over pretending to be an ambulance. He says when he grows up he wants to be a fire truck driver. Not a fireman just the driver. He said all he needs is the keys!
Paul/Marlene are so great to come up and help. After my emotional doctors appointment: low grade fever, the flu, high blood pressure, major swelling, and orders for bed rest Andy took a half day and with his mom's help loaded up Aubrey/Caleb to take them to Andy's baby shower! Paul stayed at home with Ainsley for some one on one time which included Madagascar and a turtle train!!
Andy's baby shower was a lot of fun. His co-workers did a great job putting everything together and it was lots of fun to have his patients participate! Caleb loved the cake, sugar x4, and all the attention! Aubrey loved the cake and 4 pieces later she was ready for some balloons!

A special thanks to Paul. He is such a great Grandpa to the kids and he even cleaned out part of the freezer!
A special thanks to Marlene for her patience and understanding. She is a wonderful Grandma and Mother in-law. Also, thank you for mowing the back yard.

The rest of Friday went great. We took the kids to the squirrel trail. The weather was perfect with no humidity! Saturday morning we woke up early and headed out the door to run errands with plans to take the kids to DIANA ROSE. But as we were pulling into Target something went wrong. I was talking to Andy about Utah and then all of a sudden I had a hard time thinking of the right words (I couldn't remember the name for the city of Sandy, UT and called it Sanflee...), I was a bit slow, the right side of my body was numb, and my vision became blurry. 5 minutes later I seemed to be back to normal (a little slow in thought, but for the most part back to normal). After begging Andy not to take me to SMMC (hospital). He pulled back into the parking space and we headed into Target. 5 minutes later I was numb on my right side from head to toe and couldn't respond or talk. Andy said that he was worried that I was having a TIA (small stroke) It only lasted 5 minutes but that was long enough for Andy to call it a day. I told him I was fine and would feel better after I took a nap. Upon waking up from my nap I was still slow in thought/speech/response. After multiple tears and thinking Andy was not being compassionate I called my dad (hoping his hatred for doctors would put him on my side). Unfortunately, he was on Andy's side saying "Well, Sara Jean. This is your dad here, but I do not know how to be compassionate about something like this. Get yourself to the doctor.
So, scared, I headed up to SMMC with high blood pressure, the OB doctor thought it was a small stroke due to a migraine (which I did not have, and from a medication I have never had a side effect from) and then I was sent up for an MRI. After 45 minutes in the tube the neurologist kindly said it was a TIA from high blood pressure just like Andy originally thought.
Well, after spending the night in the hospital getting my blood pressure checked EVER 30 minutes and having my blood drawn first thing this morning I was released with a "If and when it happends again please come in right away so we can monitor your blood pressure at the time of the TIA!" Nice...the good new is that the baby is good and wasn't effected at all! The baby's heart rate and movement is good. I am 37 weeks and 1 day! Since I have never carried a baby this long before we are very excited and have high hopes for a chub!!! Now, how to keep my blood pressure down?? hum.
Congrats to Syd on your couch and new single appartment in Sandy!
Congrats to SYD/STEFF on graduating from BYU-I this Thursday!!
Congrats to Kristen on graduation!!
Congrats to Seth/Karalee on your first house!!! Home owners in Pheonix, how exciting!!
Happy Birthday Mom! I love you and do not know what I would do without you!
Happy Birthday Aunt Bonnie!!


Laura said...

Wow, that was kinda a scary day. Take care of yourself. If it does start to happen again, go in fast...I have heard some scary stories about high blood pressure.

I love Caleb's ambulance scene. He is a funny little boy.

Good luck this last little while!!

Steve, Meghan & Elena said...

Glad you are okay! Hopefully it won't happen again and your little one will come soon!! Try to get some rest!!

LeBaron Family said...

Sara! I had no idea! I'm glad that you are okay! I will keep you in my prayers!

Ella said...

Sara, I'm glad you're okay! I am so excited for your chubby baby and that you have carried him so long. But I bet you are dying for him to come out already! Hang in there and good luck! (And Andy an epidural is not a luxury item. It's a must!)

Bryan and Katie said...

seth is in phoenix?? Do you have his number, I'd like to invite him over!
and I'm glad you're okay!!