Sunday, August 9, 2009

Welcoming Tate Delton Griner
Getting "Everything Up to Date in Kansas City!"

After 9 months of ALL DAY morning sickness, 4 months of heart burn, 5 weeks of Braxton Hicks, 2 1/2 weeks on bed rest, extreme swelling, a TIA, and 2 hours, 2 minutes of labor... I would like to announce the birth of TATE DELTON GRINER.

He was born at 11:32 am
weighing in at 7 pounds, 1.5 ounces
18 inches longIt is amazing to think how I can so instantly and endlessly love. It's as if I've had him forever when just seconds ago he entered my life. All pain seems to instantly dissolve replaced by compassion and gratitude. He is perfect in every way and I am so glad he is healthy. He got a little banged up/swollen on the way out but NO cone head!!! After things settled down at the hospital we called my mom (who drove up all the way from Florida to help out since I was high risk) and after they stopped at McDonald's for a celebration lunch they arrived at the hospital. We were not sure how to handle Ainsley becoming a big sister. She is a really clingy "almost" 2 year old and we did not want to go about this the wrong way. After much advice from Andy's co-workers we decided that when the kids entered the room the baby would be in his little bed so I could hold Ainsley and introduce her to Tate. All of my worry was relieved when she held Tate. She loved him instantly and became the extra over protective BIG sister.Caleb's exact words were "Can I hold my baby brother now, please!"Aubrey was THRILLED!!!After my mom took her share of pictures it was her turn to hold the baby....which turned into holding everyone!The second time the kids came to visit, Ainsley was ready with a teddy bear, a gift from Andy's boss, and the camera case for lots of pictures! (Ainsley's hair is out of control!!!!)Also, the second time the kids came to visit, Tate was a little more active. Every time he stretched, the kids got so Christmas! So, you can only image how excited they got when he opened his eyes!!!!
Caleb thought the new looking pacifier the hospital provided was awesome! He loved how he could stick his finger inside and feel the baby sucking on it!! I was a bit delighted that Tate willingly took the pacifier. We have never really had a "pacifier" baby before.
Tate kept sucking on his thumb. I am not sure how he kept getting it in his mouth. Accident or not I had to get it on camera so Andy would believe me!!
Andy's first time feeding Tate! He is a great eater!!!
He was perfect and wonderful in the hospital. We had to stay an extra 24 hours b/c of my high blood pressure and abnormal lab results but it gave me an extra 24 hours alone with Tate!!
Coming home from the hospital!!! Loading 4 kids up in the nicely cleaned/scrubbed out van was very nerve racking to me. 4 kids...there was no going back now! The kids were very excited though!!
A special thanks to my dad: 2 weeks ago my parents/sister stopped by for a day before heading all the way home from their trip to Idaho. While they were here my dad spent over an hour cleaning out our van. Thank you!
Little Tate!
Aubrey drew a picture of her family...Dad, Mom holding her brother, herself, Ainsley, and Caleb!
Night #1 at home! At about 2:30am I went downstairs to take some medicine for the pain in my hands. Come to find out I was followed by Caleb!! He sneaked up behind me and started talking.
He said, "I am always starving. Because I am always starving I would like cereal and a candy bar."
I wasn't quite sure how coherent he was. After 2 minutes of him saying how he was hungry all day long and had dreams about being hungry all night, I talked him into yogurt and a nectarine. He is so weird some times.
The kids were up bright at early the first morning Tate was home. Who will feed him first? Who will burp him first? Who will change him first? Who will hold him first??
I am not even sure the kids slept because they were so excited to see Tate in the morning!!

By Morning #2, to my surprise, the kids excitement still hadn't worn off even with the upcoming doctors appointment only hours away!! In the doctors office, Ainsley was very protective of Tate and Aubrey cried the minute we went into the little room. Aubrey's tears were purely selfish though. Since I was not pregnant anymore that meant that not only would Tate be getting a check up but Aubrey would be getting her Chicken Pox Vaccination. I had taken her to get all of her Vaccinations for Kindergarten the week before but they wouldn't give her that one because I was pregnant. Weird! Tate didn't cry at all and seemed to enjoy being naked!!! In the 2 days he had been home he had gained 4 ounces. WHAT A CHUB!!

After the doctors appointment we headed over to the Missouri side to get gas ($.10 cheaper per gallon) and since Missouri was doing TAX FREE weekend we got all of Aubrey's school supplies. I might add that "back to school" mom's on the only tax free Saturday of the year are crazy. After shopping we headed back home so I could continue "required" bed rest (I was aloud to come home from the hospital granted I say in bed until my Monday's doctors appointment).
Saturday afternoon Paul/Marlene drove up to see TATE, fix a nice dinner, and Paul helped Andy fix the front door. After trying everything possible to fix the front door they headed to Home Depot and Paul bought us a new handle. After a week of not being able to use the front door and almost 4 hours of intense door handle installation by Paul/Andy we can now use the front door!! I love the new handle, thank you Paul!
**special side note.... (before the door handle was fixed) When Andy came with the kids to pick me up from the hospital he forgot to unlock the sliding door in the back. When we got home from the hospital we were locked out and Andy had to shimmy Caleb through one of the kitchen windows so he could open the garage for us. Nice:)
While Marlene made a yummy pork chop dinner she took a break to pose for a quick picture!!
Reviews are still flowing in on whether Tate looks like a "Griner" or a "Clark!" Although, it is very hard for me to tell...I think he looks like Caleb but with my dad's forhead and hair line!!!

For the Record:
1. I HAVE been taking "after delivery bed rest" very seriously. Besides my Saturday morning out I have stayed in bed (which is easy for me to WANT to do since I got home from the hospital and realized our bed was made with a nice bed comforter set, soft sheets and big fluffy pillows that my mom bought for was the perfect coming home present, thank you mom!!).
2. Even though we went to the hospital still unable to agree on a name...some how AFTER my IV's were hooked up BUT BEFORE my water broke we happily and in a kindly manner agreed on a name!!
3. Yes, I did get an epidural (what an awful experience that was and a story all in its own). But because I was so swollen they were unable to get it to kick in on my right side. AHG!!
4.While I was in labor, something that was getting on my nerves early Tuesday morning, besides all the lightning and thunder, was that Andy kept watching Fox News. I was hoping that for one morning my life could go without anything Political, I mean, couldn't politics take a morning break....well, most of you know where Andy stands politically so I found it completely and totally funny that it took Andy over an hour to read the bottom of the television screen...which read: HAPPY 48th BIRTHDAY, AUGUST 4TH 2009, TO BARACK OBAMA!!


Ella said...

Oh, I loved every word and every picture of that post. Just the details I was hoping for! I love hearing how excited your kids are for the new baby and it makes me excited to have more kids (in another 3 years or so!!). I can't imagine what it feels like to have 4 kids!! I was so happy to hear you got the epidural but then bummed that it didn't work on one side!!! At least labor didn't last too long, although I'm sure it was long enough! Tate looks adorable! Caleb is such a crack up. And I thought it was so hilarious that Tate and Barack share a birthday!

Ella said...

Do you realize I included 10 exclamation marks in that comment? I think that shows you how thrilled I am for you. Anyway, I did try to call you guys on the number I have for you. I have no idea if it's still the right number though. It's probably way back from your Lee's Summit Days!

Tiffany said...

Congrats Sara! I'm so happy for you! That's awesome that the kids love him so much! I love the name! Good work! I have a brother in law named Tate, and I love that name!

Laura said...

He is a cutie!! I love his name. Congratulations to all of you!

Julia said...

Congrats sara! He is so so adorable and I love the name! Such a good looking boy. Glad to hear the transition to 4 is going ok for you so far, hope it stays that way. Congrats again!

swampbaby said...

Yay Sara! Congrats! How are you doing now?

Eric and Ashley Wheeler Family said...

Congrats!!! He is so cute! I am pretty disappointed there isn't a picture of you in there though! :o) I hope this next few weeks go smoothly for you. You're amazing, you can handle it all! :o) Super cute name too!

Clair said...

So cute to see how all the BIG siblings are taking to their little one. Tate is very handsom and I love his full name (even though it wasn't one I suggested.) Too funny about Barack's bday. I'm surprised Andy didn't ask you to hold out one more day. Sara, I hope you are feeling very well soon! Thinking of you and the gang.

.Lane & Jesika. said...

Congrats! He is adorable and I love the name Tate! I can't believe that you have 4 kids already. I bet you are a fantastic mom! Keep posting pictures, they are great. Good luck! I've hear that if you can handle 3 kids you can handle any amount of kids!

Mitch and Jenny said...

Congratulations!!!!!!! :) I am SO excited and happy for you and your cute little family! (although I'm guessing it doesn't feel like a "little" family to you any more!) Tate is absolutely adorable!