Sunday, August 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Caleb!!! You made it, I made it, we survived 4 years!! Looking back I have to laugh at all the crazy, funny, tough, and emotional challenges we have been through together. You were such a handsome baby, weighing 6 pounds 2 ounces and gaining an entire pound the first week you came home. Your weight gain continue from there and you became a handsome big chub!
You were a great eater and very healthy. You never had a cold/sneeze/cough but you were very colicy and cried all the time.
I loved all of your redish brown hair and was sad when you lost it all!
You had great form with push ups!!! And your facial expressions constantly had us laughing!You skipped right over 6-9 and 9-12 month clothes. You started walking at 13 months and you would slide down the stairs quickly on your stomach!
Spring of 2007 you went from running around the house to not being able to breath in a matter of hours. Being transferred immediately from SMMC to Children's Mercy Hospital in an ambulance, 3 intense days of praying with no improvement and drop in your 103 temperature, medication that wouldn't work, surgery, a blessing by dad, and 3 additional days later with little improvement. Your life seems to fragile and I would have given anything for the little colicy baby that drove me crazy and always made a mess. With another change in your medicine, mulitple prayers, and 24 hours later your temperature was normal and you were out of bed walking around!! Of course they wanted to keep you in the hospital for an addition 24 hours but once they realized you weren't going to stay in bed, be quiet, and rest they had no choice but to kick you out!!! It took 2 weeks for you to go back to your normal, hyper, always into everything self but I wouldn't have wanted you any other way!

You loved balls, cars, Boynton, and Uncle Nate. You were always into the desitin, you never slept through the night, and you were potty trained in less then 3 days! You were/are scared of small dogs, you dislike peas, and love cheese balls!
Now that you are 4 and have started Preschool I wonder were the years went. How did I go from being 20 with a colicy sleepless baby to being 24 with a sweet, crazy, happy CALEB! You are always the first to tell me you love me, the first to make a mess, and the first to tell me your hungry (usually about every 30 minutes)! With life so fragile and passing so quickly I feel so lucky, humbled, and blessed to have such a great KK! Happy 4th Birthday buddy!


Tiffany said...

Happy Birthday Caleb! That was a fun post to read.

Clair said...

Hooray for Caleb and all that he adds to the Griner family- both immediate and extended. We love Caleb.