Friday, September 4, 2009

Carnival, Birthday Party, Camping, TD, and New Roof
**To say the last 7 days has been crazy is an understatement!!!

CARNIVAL Andy had a fundraiser/carnival at his work! The Sack race that Caleb begged to do but Ainsley won!Face painting! Ainsley was a little shy but it didn't last long. She ate a hot dog super quick and loved all the balloons and attention!!!Caleb waited in line patiently with his 4 tickets for a yummy hot dog! Aubrey used her tickets to buy a pink doggy balloon and walk in the cake walk..she won a cake of her choice after just the first song!!!
Caleb waited for over an hour to do the water balloon toss! He couldn't get anyone to be his partner because he wanted to get wet so Andy had to step in. They ended up winning!!! Caleb was so good at catching that they lasted the longest and tossed the farthest!!
At the very end was the event we were all waiting for!!! The pie throwing contest that Andy was volenteered to participate in earlier in the week! Aubrey was very upset at the thought of throwing something at "dad" but Caleb was excited! They let him move close so he could have a closer target!!

Caleb's big Transformer/SpongeBob birthday party. We were so excited to have Grandpa/Grandma Griner come up and The Rudd Family/Nealson Family/The Hubble Family come over for the party. You cant go wrong with 13 kids (11 under the age of 6), Watermelon, Pizza, and Cheese Crackers!!Caleb loved his gifts. Especially the super hero cape that "Grandma Griner" made for him!
Yummy Transformer cake! Happy 4th Birthday Caleb!

Also, the same weekend....after the carnival Andy took Aubrey/Caleb camping. They found a great camping site out by KU and a big lake!! The kids had a blast! Hot dogs, marshmellows, sleeping bags, a fire, and the great outdoors!!!

As for Tate! He has become a bed hog!A picture of Tate smiling!! He smiles and laughs all the time. It makes the sleepless nights all worth it just with one smile!!
Tate is 1 MONTH old!!! His doctors appointment went really well! He has gained a pound a week, weighing in at 10 pounds 5 ounces!! What a handsome perfect chub now if only he would sleep at night!!

With all the construction we have had going on this past year I thought we had seen it all! NOPE!! Having the roof of the house torn apart it pure craziness!!!
I hope we will have an after picture soon!

In the mist of all the craziness the construction guys put up the backer board in the kitchen but put a final end to my main electrical outlet (uhg!), the side of the house was hit by lightning and the phone company had to come out and hook up a new box, I cleaned out the garage and found my Rascal Flats CD, landscaped half of the backyard, Andy took Aubrey/Caleb to family night at Caleb's school, and I talked with Aubrey's new speech therapist.
**I do REALLY THINK that the kitchen will be done by Ainsley's birthday. I am holding a big roll of carpet hostage in our garage until the construction guys actually come back. I know they really want it so I am keeping my fingers crossed that they come this next week to finish the trim. PLEASE!


Nicole Heape said...

Omg your house is beautiful! You have a very eventful life you know that. Your kids are adorable and your little Tate is so precious I just want to love on him.

Adah said...

hey I found you through Tara I hope you don't mind. it is great to see how things are going. I am not sure if I have your email but if I do I will email a invite to our blog. We are doing good out in the west!! Our house in KS is about to sell and we are about to buy a new one here!

Pickles for Breakfast ! said...

My kids had a blast at the party and they LOVE your kids as yours do mine!!

(yea, love how you get a pic of me on my life line! err phone) At least I didn't have a Starbucks in hand!! hee hee !

Well see you sometime between soccer and Starlight...

Pickles for Breakfast ! said...

UHH, my Tate man comment didn't show up... anyway I said

I don't think I have seen him since the party.. I need to come over and see his cubbeiness!