Saturday, September 12, 2009


With the start of cooler weather came warmer clothes, yummy smells, and the flu. On Monday morning I went and had 3 inches cut off my hair. Why I did that, I do not know?! I always regret it every time, this time being no different. After my hair cut we drove down to Windsor to spend the Labor Day Holiday with Paul/Marlene. It was a nice afternoon, with good food! On the way home we stopped by Aunt Judy's so she could meet Tate! Of course she said, "What a beautiful angel baby!" and she gave all the kids gummy worms for the drive home.

With the kids in school I started to transition Ainsley to her "big girl bed" during nap time. Aubrey followed directions 4 times this week, excitedly did her homework, and filled up her "gum ball" reading chart 2 times! Caleb got in trouble at school for kissing and was kindly asked to keep his mouth to himself. Mrs. Susan took me aside one day after class and said how kind and compassionate Caleb was to a friend who got hurt and a friend who lost her shoe. Now, if we could find a middle ground to the kissing/compassion life would be great!!
As for my Tate...he weighs 11.5 pounds and I am unable to snap up his 0-3 month onesies so he has officially graduated to 3-6 month clothes. What a chunk! I got out Caleb's 3-6 month clothes (only one outfit and no onesies survived Caleb's babiehood). This is the outfit that I had Caleb's valentines day pictures take in. VALENTINES DAY!!! Meaning Caleb was almost 7 months old when he wore it. CRAZY!!
And NO Sydney...we are not going to dress Caleb up as a Tater Tot for Halloween. Rude! He is holding his head up a little better this week and he is sleeping better but loudly. He is a very very loud breather.
On Friday morning Ainsley's crankiness escalated to "code red" (which means driving me crazy and picking on poor Tate). I didn't know what to do and ignoring her was only causing poor Tate pain so as I went to go and take her to her room she threw up....and threw up...and threw up. I put her in the shower and she threw up....threw up....threw up. I finally got her to lay down in time for Caleb to go to school (Andy had to take him because I didn't want Ainsley to throw up in the car). I had just fed Tate and was laying down when Andy walked through the door announcing school had been canceled because the power was out. So hyper Caleb = Ainsley waking up. I have bad luck.
Since she had thrown up in her crib I figured it was the perfect opportunity to put a FINAL end to crib life! She wasn't to happy about her lady bug bedding being replaced with jungle bedding but life is tough for an "almost" two year old.
Tate seems to enjoy his new bed. I enjoy it...
A special thanks to my mom for the cute bedding and to Steff/Syd for humoring me through my sleepless nights and drawn out days. I can always count on them for a good laugh!


Sunshine and Snoug said...

Holy cow, tate is ginormous! He looks so much like Spence! Question: does he have spencer and my c'ankles??? Poor Ainley. If it makes you feel better, Lune got a bloody nose in the middle of the sacrament last sunday. I look over at her thinking she is picking her nose, and totally embarrased, but come to realize she was actually covered in blood. creepy. Gee, Caleb kissing everyone, boys like his mother!

Bryan and Katie said...

your new sweet baby is DARLING! I love all of his hair : )
Is seth out here yet? We are having a party for the season premier of the office and I figured that'd be a good time for them to meet some people if they haven't met anyone cool yet. also my husband speaks portuguese and would really like to speak : )

Ella said...

Sara, I don't know how you do it. 4 kids in 5 years?!! You are amazing!! I got your message, sorry I never called back. Did you know that we only just now put Jane in a bed? I had tried earlier but didn't want to deal with it, so I am definitely not the one to ask! (She finally just told me she was ready for a bed). Anyway, your kids are darling. I tell my friend to look at your blog just so she can see how cute they are. I can't believe that Tate is bigger than Jack!!

Clair said...

Ha- that's cool that you have a chubby one. How long was it before Caleb chubbed?