Monday, September 14, 2009

Starting the week off rightAubrey has been really easy to wake up lately! She loves Mondays because she gets to go back to school. Mondays are P.E. days so she HAS to have her hair off of her neck. She rotates between oatmeal and toast. Luckily I had left over oatmeal in the fridge...made for a quick and easy send off!
*note that I also LOVE Mondays!!!
We seem to have the routine down....make sure all the papers in her backpack are signed, her library book is in, and her towel for resting time is washed and repacked. Check the weather to make sure her outfit is weather appropriate and make sure she has her running shoes for P.E. Go over how important it is for her to follow directions, tell her to have a good day, and send her out the door with Andy by 7:50am. I have also come to realize that if I put her hair in braided piggy tails on Monday on Tuesday morning I can take them out and she can wear her hair crimped. She has such long pretty hair and it looks really cute crimped!!
Ainsley...what can I say. She is obsessed with Elmo and recently wont stop saying SpongeBob (no thanks to Andy and his recent obsession). She is barely 20 pounds, never holds still, and is still running a small fever from having the flu over the weekend but the transition to a BIG GIRL bed is complete and successful!!
The kitchen seems to be coming along. To my surprise I walked downstairs this afternoon to find the construction guys in the kitchen clearing stuff out. They told me they weren't coming until Tuesday (which usually means Friday or 2 weeks from Tuesday:) but when I asked about it they looked at me like "I" was the crazy one and that they had planned to come Monday all along. Ya right, I think I would know if they had said Monday....especially after the project has taken them 4 months longer then they said. But hey, I am not complaining just stating. The tile is up and tomorrow they will grout and put the trim up. Then it is up to me to paint!!! Eventually we will get hardware for the cabinets but it will have to wait until after our trip to Utah and after Christmas spending.
We do have to sand the cabinets down but we will not be staining them. I like the light contrast with the super dark floors. Attention to my handy work on the stainless steal door handle on the small pantry door!!! I fell asleep on the couch holding Tate the other morning and woke up (not even 10 minutes later because I dozed off watching Clifford and Clifford was still on when I woke up)to find an entire large box of gold fishes and a large brand new container of oatmeal dumped and spread all over the floor in front of me. That was it!!! Caleb knew right away he had done something very wrong, while Ainsley continued to kick and spread around the little oats. Have you ever tried to vacuum up oatmeal?? So, to ensure that no one ever got into the pantry again I put the door handle on backwards so that it has to have a special key to open!!! Ainsley is very frustrated by the fact that she absolutely can not open the door, while Caleb understands and is constantly asking for food.
*note to readers...I do not often fall sleep while watching my children but clearly I had not slept the nights before (due to chunky Tate). I mean who could, in their right mind, sleep through such craziness happening right in front of them. Lessoned learned:)Caleb has taken his role as "Big Brother" very seriously. Always helping, always protecting, always watching, and always kissing/hugging. He said this morning "Tate smiles and laughs at me because I am his older brother!" He is extremely proud of every little achievement that Tate makes like moving his head, holding up his head, laughing, etc....

Things that are funny:
*Tate is weighing in at 12.2 pounds:)
*Andy grabbed Tate and Tate threw up in Andy mouth:)
*Every commercial Caleb see's he says "I want that for my birthday!"
Since his birthday isn't for an entire year I say "Uh, hu. Okay."
In which he loudly and frustratedly says "Write it down Mom!"

Do you think that if we hang a BYU flag outside of our house (you know, ya gotta support The Lords team:)our neighbors will measure our grass daily to make sure it doesn't get about 8 inches???:) We would hate to have a sudden increase in complaints:)


Sunshine and Snoug said...

first of all, umm ewe with Andy and Tate, second of all, booty shorts, no I'm kidding. Aubrey looks so cute with her hair all back. I never remember wearing your hair up...ever. Hmm strange. So are you going to bring your big TV to Utah so I can watch those ocean/nature movies...I wouldn't say that it's too much to ask. If andy really wants he can bring your bed too...but I mean, whatev. Love ya sis!!! More pic's of Tate!!!

Clair said...

The kitchen is looking lovely! I'm sure you will enjoy not having workers there half the time. I write this as I have workers replacing my back door. I can't imagine such an interruption for more than one morning! Wow- Ainsley barely weighs 20? Seth is up to 28. That's cool that Caleb can have a brother. Two and two. Can't beat it! Love you guys.

Nicole Heape said...

i love your updates. You have a interesting life.

Jerilee Chipman said...

Your kitchen is beautiful. I love it!!

Pickles for Breakfast ! said...

Not sure about the BYU flag around Jayhawk country??? might want to rethink that one..

The Griner Family: said...

Andy's a MU fan. I say a BYU one would be better than an MU one in KU country. Eh!