Saturday, September 19, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Ainsley!!
Weighing in at 20 pounds Ainsley turns 2!!! To celebrate we had to tone it down because she had been sick all week and we didn't want her to get any other children sick. So it was just us, Andy's parents, and Elmo decor!! Present time and Ainsley opened the waited for gift! A hop bumble bee thing that we had been looking on-line everywhere for!!! Aubrey got it for Christmas a couple of years back from my Grandma Ras and it got left out in the rain 7 months later. I highly recommend this gift!!If the kids aren't jumping over it, they are running from it, or in Ainsley case...chasing it!! It helps release all their energy and they never get tired of it!!! Perfect for mom and kids!Pretty much the best toy ever made! For $24.99 it rocks!!! The batteries last FOREVER and its not too loud!Cake time!!! Ainsley blew on the candles through the entire song (with no progress). I finally blew them out for her.Yummo!!!
Andy's parents got Ainsley 2 books and a shape toy. Ainsley loves to read and it is a great shape toy because you cant just take the lid off and put the shapes in if it gets too hard!!
Happy Birthday Ainsley!!! We love you!!!
At age 2:
*At age 2 you are sleeping in a "Big Girl" bed, obsessed with Elmo, and you speak your mind!
*You are very clingy, very cranky, and absolutely adorable.
*You hate riding in the car, love "DD", and you will NOT go to sleep without your pink/white blanket.
*You sleep through the night, love to help clean up, and you know all the actions to the nursery songs!!
*Your answer to every question is "No", you say "s-" for drink, and keeping you dressed is impossible.
*You are the perfect little sister and follow Caleb's directions willingly (that tends to be both negative and positive:).
*At age 2 you still suck on your thumb when you think I am not looking, you love hot dogs, and you wont leave Tate alone. You are a wonderful big sister and enjoy helping Tate often!
*You are scared of little dogs, you point and beg every time we pass a McDonald's, and you love playing in the dirt but hate being dirty!
*You are impossible to keep clean (clothes, face, and hair), you always want your hair done but you take it out after 2 minutes, and you love having your nails painted.
*At age 2 I am amazed at how tricky but smart you quiet but funny you are...and most of all how much I love you. Happy Birthday Ainsley!
On Thursday before we picked up Caleb/Aubrey from school we went to Andy's work for the annual OT talent show. Andy was performing and Ainsley ended up shaking a noise maker while standing next to him!

Tate is HUGE! I am nervous to weigh him for fear that he weighs more than 13 pounds. He is a chunk! I squeezed a 0-3 month shirt on him for an example.
His routine is starting to come along nicely!!! He only wakes up one time at night and takes 2 good naps during the day (one of them is in his car seat...probably not the best but I tried taking him out the other day to put him in his crib and he woke up and gave me the look of "DON'T DO IT MOM!"). He laughs in the middle of the night and at weird times during the day. He is extremely tolerable to Ainsley and Caleb's touchy/feely/I love you so much ways!!He never really cries (only when I cant get a bottle to him quick enough). He still has hair and his eyes are still blue! He goes through 1 can of formula a week, loves the sound of other babies, and he really like listening to Andy play the guitar!

I woke up Friday very excited because that night we were having a bunch of young couples over for a BBQ and to watch "The Office" reruns. We have NEVER ever hung out with other couples without the kids around so I was curious and excited to see how it was going to go. I was praying for an "ABNORMAL DAY" and in all honestly I barely survived. It couldn't have been a more normal predictable day!
*Caleb dumped (what seemed like at least 4 big cups) of hot water on the family room carpet. I came in the room to see a water line from the kitchen sink, across my wood floors, and onto the carpet. When I asked him about it, he said "It wasn't me mom!"...he looked down at his shirt (which was soaking wet) and said "But MOM, I just acidentally on purpose did it."

*30 minutes later, after I cleaned up the big water mess, while I was marinating the chicken Caleb ran upstairs (I thought he was in his room feeling sorry for himself because I was upset over all the hot water everywhere) but then he runs downstairs saying "The water just keeps coming and coming and coming out of the toilet Mom!"
I ran into my room to find then entire bathroom FLOODED, Ainsley soaking wet, and an empty brand new roll of toilet paper. Caleb said "It was Ainsley mom...I watched."

*I came down stairs with a heavy hamper of wet towels (I had to use every clean towel in sight to mop up the water after I spent 5 minuts scooping the water up with a cup and dumping it in the shower) to find the unpainted wood in the kitchen colored on with a Dark Cherry Wood Staining marker and desitin all in Ainsley mouth!

IS THERE NO END TO THIS MADNESS!! I was honestly laughing because...well...of course this was really happening and if I didn't reset my mind quickly I was going to shove Caleb into a box and ship him off to the zoo!!! After settling down I was grateful that I hadn't dressed him in his nice clothes for school yet. When I finally dropped him off for school, I told Ms. Susan good luck! She had NO idea how much she was really going to need it!

*The last thing to happen actually involved Aubrey. The day seemed to be winding down and all the kids were in the back yard playing. The neighbor kids came over and all seemed to be happy until Aubrey fell off the rock wall. 3o minutes later she was still crying over her arm, holding it close to her body, and she would scream whenever I tried to touch her arm. I felt awful for her, gave her some Tylenol, and she fell asleep. It ended up just being badly bruised but for a while I thought it might be broke.
*When all was said and done Andy ended up coming home over an hour late. I figured the rest of the night was doomed to fail but it ended up being really laid back and fun! The kids fell asleep by 6:30, couples came over and 7 and stayed until after midnight. It was nice to have a kid free night and spend time with couples closer to my age. I might add that we were the oldest couple in attendance and the only couple with kids which was different and fun! We played POP 5 (probably the funnest game known to man) and relaxed. Hopefully, we can do it again soon. Its nice to have friends, it gets lonely over here in Kansas:)


syds said...

so tate totally looks like dad with the double chinand receading hairline! only cuter...

Eric and Ashley Wheeler Family said...

How cute are your kids?! :o) Happy Birthday Ainsley! Sounds like life is normal and busy for you....but you're such a wonderful Mom! When you start giving classes out sign me up first! I could use some of your training! :o) Love ya!

Nicole Heape said...

Girl your life is so entertaining. Wow! Your such a good mom though. And I wish Derek and I did more things with other couples but we don't really know anyone.If just the 2 of us could get away fora little bit would be nice.

Ella said...

Sara, I am jealous of Tate only waking up one time during the night and taking two good naps!!! But I'm definitely not jealous of all the craziness that is always happening at your house! You are amazing! I'm so glad Aubrey didn't break her arm. Ainsley looks so big and adorable! That's how much Jane weighed at 2 years old!

Mitch and Jenny said...

I can't believe Ainsley is 2!!! I can still remember getting her birth announcement in the mail! I love reading your blog, it's so entertaining! (I'm sure you LOVE hearing that! haha) :)