Sunday, October 4, 2009

Busy week...Tate is a chunk...weighing in at 12.2 ounces he is awesome!!!
He laughs, eats, and sleeps a lot!! He loves to sunbath!!
Ainsley sliced her foot open and this is what it looked like 2 days later...still nasty. She wouldn't keep a band-aid on so Andy taped up her Elmo's foot in hopes that with Elmo hurt too Ainsley would leave on her bandage...
"My baby or T" is what Ainsley calls Tate. She is always wanting to carry him and hold him. She is always squeezing and kissing him. Poor Tate. He tolerates it but I doubt he will for much longer!
Tate is a VERY VERY LOUD sleeper. He can fall asleep sitting or laying. He loves the swing and small bouncer chair but we have to set them on the island counter top to keep him away from the kids while he is in them!
I have decided that I would like 1 year old Ainsley back. 2 year old Ainsley is terrible. She cries, screams and cries, screams all day. In that order with nothing else. It's one thing after another....she is talking a lot more which might be one reason why she is crying more. We have a hard time understanding...NaNa means Candy, Sti means thirsty, D means food, bowl means cup and diaper. B means blanket, bowl, burr, and bum. K means Cookie, Cracker, or clean. You see the confusion?? I have to be completely observant at all times. The slightest tone change could mean something completely different.
Tate is the man!! I love to kiss him. The doctor has recently put him on a diet explaining that it should only take 12 hours for Tate to get used to his new eating schedule. I thought 12 hours? Ya right!!! It sounded to easy...but it was!!! New eating routine means I only have to wake up every 3 hours at night now!!
Caleb and Tate at Aubrey school carnival.
This year Aubrey was brave enough to go down the slide.
We were all shocked that Ainsley climbed up the long stairs and went down the tall slide. So brave!
Brave was Ainsley's motto for the entire night. After she got lost 2 times(trying to go back to the tall slide) we finally decided that she would have to be carried for the rest of the night! Luckily cotton candy for 3 tickets solved the "scared" tears.
Yum! Personally, I think they put way to much cotton candy on those sticks. we go. We had left over paint from the basement. Since the paint upstairs ended up way to dark I decided to repaint. I was smart enough this year to realize that I was on my own. Even though it was Andy's idea and he said he would help (just like last year but nada). I learned that the key to quick painting is an angled brush. That way I don't have to try and tape the trim (that is a joke). The lighter color is nice and brighten up the room nicely.
I painted and decorated the gross windowless bathroom on the main floor. I still have to paint the primed door and primed trim.
Kitchen painted. Not done of course. We are waiting for the construction guys to finish the electric and caulking. When they are done I will stain the cabinets.
Patio done! Power washed and stained. Now the kids do not come in crying with splinters in their feet and we can enjoy the cool fall days/nights with some bbq!

Congrats are in for Seth and Karalee!!! You are now officially homeowners!!!
Congrats to Jenny on your beautiful baby girl!!!


Sunshine and Snoug said...

Wow, I love the patio! It looks amazing, and Tate is too cute. I can't wait to squeeze his little cheeks. Lune and I want to watch Saturdays worrior with the kids, they need to sing "JIMMY!" with us!

Clair said...

What a gang! I need to hold Tate very soon! He is so stinkin' adorable and squishy looking. Your house looks awesome! I love you all! And I'm glad the feeding schedule is working for you and Tate.

Petite Parfait said...

I've been searching for christmas stuff and saw your blog. I just need to say that...your kids are lovely!