Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sickness, Painting, Tate, and a weekend without Dad
Exactly a week after flu shots Aubrey started acting a little weird. No throwing up but high fever, achy, weakness, runny nose, and cough. A long weekend, 3 missed days of school and lots of movies later she is almost back to normal. Aubrey is also the easiest to please when she is sick. I have enjoyed spending one on one time with her while Caleb is at school and Ainsley/Tate take a nap. She asked just as many questions as Caleb, tells just as many stories, and knows just as much as Caleb. She just goes about it in a more quiet, shy, and gentle way.Tates BUMBO! These are the coolest things ever. I sound old saying this but...they didn't have these when the other 3 were babies. Tate loves it!! It is a little snug on his legs. He actually has to be put in at an angle to fit but he loves to sit in it and look around!!!
Ainsley and Bleeker. Since Tate wasn't born a Bleeker I named Ainsley baby boy Bleeker...Bleeker. Elmo. Bleeker. Elmo. Bleeker. Elmo. Ainlsey seems to be completely attached and if she cant find and carry both Bleeker and Elmo life is sad. She also has to wear her "DD" pajama shirt. She has been tormenting Caleb like crazy, always making a mess of her room, and always right behind me! Every time I turn around she is there!!! Showers, folding laundry, vacuuming, cleaning, or just answering the phone...she is right at my feet. Her favorite color is purple, she thinks she is a monster, and she loves to look at pictures of herself. She pretends to talk to "PA PA GRAN" on the phone, she hates being dirty, and she wants to be called mom late at night.
Tate is awesome! He sprawls out while sleeping, rarely cries, and loves music.
Andy had to go to St. Louis for an OT conference so it was just me and the kids. What does every cool mom do?? Make cup cakes of course!!! (Don't mind the unsafe looking electrical wiring sticking out of the wall....uhg)
Aubrey got to spend Friday night with the Grandparents, Caleb spent Saturday morning asking Sister Dallman a million questions about his part in the primary program "Praying Always" and Ainsley had fun drawing on my newly painted walls and breaking Aubreys little white table. We sure did miss Andy aka. DAD DAD DAAAAAD!!!
Since Aubrey's room is done being painted it was time to paint Calebs. I still have to do the red stripe but I have decided that I hate painting. Painting with kids is 10x harder and takes 10x longer....Don't touch that!, Please dont!, Stand There!, Can you not breath on my neck?, I am hurrying!
I think it turned out pretty good and he loves to keep his room clean now!!! It only took me a year to put up his pictures and paint. How bad am I?!
I also painted the entry way a lighter color. Painting textured walls are a JOKE, painting upstairs at an angle causes light dizziness, and I hate popcorn ceilings!!! It definitely brightens up the entry wall...Cheerful? Sure. I also put up the new pictures of the kids. You can tell Aubrey is sick, Ainsley has a black eye, and Caleb wouldn't sit still, and Tate was impatient but they are done and I do not have to worry about it again until next year!!!
Also, Caleb starts with a C. He is not happy about that. He wants it to start with a K and tells everyone it does. If you think about it C and K are very confusing letters. I was teaching Caleb about C and we were making soup...CHicken, Celery, Carrots....all C's and they all sound different. Try explaining that to a Caleb! I vote that it was Andy's fault that we ended up spelling it with a C. I went to the hospital on August 24th 2005 deciding to spell it with a K but some time between all the extra meds, a fast deliver, and the doctor showing me my placenta (gross!!!) Andy changed the spelling to a C. Nice.
Caleb has to spell everything. I never realized how many letters and number I have on the wall or just laying around the house. All day for the last week I hear...Mom that's a W or Mom were are the Q's?Aubrey was very excited to go back to school. We probably spent 7 hours or more this past week on her homework and make up homework. She loved working on her "special k" poster all about her favorite things and her personality!!!
We have a busy week ahead of us....Aubrey was invited to her first birthday party, plus Aubrey's Halloween program at school, Aubrey/Calebs class parties, Andy's work family party, Parent Teacher Conferences for both Aubrey/Caleb, Ward Halloween Party, playgroup for Ainsley, and then at last....HALLOWEEN!!! Boohaha!!!

HAPPY NOTES for the week...
Caleb said I am fabulous. Not just wonderful or nice but .....fabulous! He also said "Mom, you are always right!"
Tate weighs 15 pounds. 15 wonderful pounds of love, chub, and handsomeness!!
Also, congrats to Seth and Karalee!!!! Karalee, you are gonna be a great Mom!!!!
Steff, only a couple more weeks until you go into the MTC!!!!!!

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