Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Have you ever had a Caleb?
I love Caleb. He is kind, compassionate, a great brother, and a wonderful helper.
IS HE FOR REAL though???

1. "Mom, look at me!"
"Mom, LOOK at me!"
(I turn my body towards him but continue to look away while cleaning)
"MOM!! Don't you love me?"
(I look up...completely shocked at such a suggestion)
"Caleb, of course I love you."
"Then look at me Mom!"
(I look directly at him. Exaggerated, he then proceeds to jump on a wrapper over and over again.)
"Do you see mom?!!"
"Very cool Caleb. (pause) Didn't I ask you to throw that away?"
He grins. Looks shocked and says while running, "Ooops. I threw away the spoon instead!"

2. All night Caleb kept waking up saying: "I had a bad dream that I went to school and forgot pants and underwear."
The day past and when I picked him up from school I asked smiling "Did you go to school with your pants and underwear on?"
"I did!!! But Sean Hunt had pants on and they were wet and I smelt them and he peed!"
What would Caleb do without Sean Hunt? Its always...Sean Hunt is my best friend. Sean Hunt hit me. Sean Hunt threw a block at my head. Sean Hunt kicked me. Sean Hunt got in lots of trouble today.
I look forward to the daily stories of Sean Hunt!!!

3. After I get Caleb completely dressed, hair done, shoes on, and jacket on he says..."But MOM!!!! Today is Brown day." Each day he makes up a different color. I know that it isn't really "Brown" day but he is insistent. The last 2 days I have asked before I dress him what color he would like to wear and he does not reply. He never replies until he is completely dressed and looks down at his shirt. EVERY DAY I have to dress him twice. TWICE!!!

4. I keep the kitchen pantry locked. (for a DARN good reason...aka, goldfishes on the floor, an entire container of oatmeal on the floor, chips eaten, noodles all over the floor, flour/sugar/rice etc.) We have a key to open it and I set it on the counter because I knew I was going to open the pantry in a minute but wanted to get the milk out of the fridge first. Literally 3 seconds pass. I go back to the counter to get the key and it was gone. I thought I was loosing my mind. I looked everywhere. It was gone! Was I totally loosing it?!!! I look up and did not see Caleb...I yell,"CALEB, WHERE ARE YOU? WHAT ARE YOU DOING?"
Caleb yells back, "I am in my room. Just hiding my key!"
"Caleb, I need that key. How did you get it so quickly? Come back and bring the key Please!"
"Mom, how will I have a key if I give it to you?"

5. Caleb takes FOREVER to eat. He eat a lot and very very slowly. Tonight when everyone was done eating and the girls had gone to bed Caleb was still at the table eating. I sat down on the couch in the family room to wait it out.
"MOM, milk fell in my hair!" Caleb said crying.
"How did milk fall in your hair?"
"I was holding it high in the sky so it wouldn't spill!"
(OH MAN...)
"Mom, milk is on my cheeks and milk is making my shirt cold"
I arrived in the dinning room to find the table and Caleb covered in milk.

I could go on forever. This really happens to me. Over and over and over again. My sisters answering machine says, "If you can dream it, you can do it!" In my head I repeat...If I dream it...Caleb will do it! (So....I really need to watch what I dream)
I love Caleb. He does so many wonderful things. He keeps me busy and is constantly letting me know how much he loves me by giving me a hug or kiss. But next time I am asked "What do you do all day?" without getting offended I will simply reply,
"Have you ever had a Caleb?"

Note: Caleb eats every thing cold...oatmeal, hot dogs, spaghettio's, leftover brisket, bake name it and he wants it cold. So, if by chance I cook a nice dinner I have to put his in the freezer to cool it down to cold before he will eat it!
Caleb hates peas, corn, cooked carrots.


Laura said...

Someday I want to meet Caleb...on most days I think that Callie is busy, but then I read your blog.

He is such a cute boy.

Nicole Heape said...

Man I have got to meet this kid. He sounds so awesome...busy bee huh? How cute

Pickles for Breakfast ! said...

YES! I have a Caleb, but his name his ASHTON!!!!! and he eats really, really, fast.. he is always the first one done! he literally takes his hands and shoves food in his mouth, because using a fork or spoon is just tooo slow....
Some of the behavior has calmed down.. at age 5 1/2. Trust me.. I still remind him every second.. "make good choices". I could have a blog on just what the two boys do daily! It's nutty,, so yes, I have a Caleb.

Brittany Hepworth said...

Sara I love your Caleb.
He reminds me to keep life beautiful, full, and entertaining. I know this sounds awful but I love to read what he does some days, just because I need a good laugh! And a reminder that I'm not the only mother who struggles with her children. I know that if Caleb ever left your life you'd be wanting him back! Remember to soak it all up. Because one day you'll be looking back because your Caleb will be a full grown man and not your "Caleb" anymore.
You're a good Mom! Keep on going!

.Lane & Jesika. said...

Okay, I laughed my butt off reading this! He is so funny! I have told like everyone I know to read your blog to find out about your funny kids.