Thursday, August 20, 2009

The first week of forever

Before I start talking about all the NEW CHANGES I want to give an update of Tate. Call him what you like TD, Tater Tot, Baby Tate....
He gained 4 ounces in 2 days and the doctor said he is healthy and active!
He hates having the hick ups and he hates lightning/thunder.
He seems tolerable to all the kisses and constant hugs distributed at a non-stop pace by Caleb/Ainsley/Aubrey.
He loves the small portable swing and mini bouncer.
Most exciting is the periodic smiles and laughs. Believe it or not but we have it on video!!! He is a very happy baby and his smiles are NOT gas but pure love for his mom!! Andy didn't believe me at first (or Caleb who saw and heard too) but finally at 2am he witnessed it for himself!
He still smells new and perfect, he loved his first bath, and he rarely cries.
He sleeps in the van, likes the car seat, and absolutely loves his mom!!

Now onto the exciting changes and Griner firsts!
After what seemed like the shortest summer of my life we decided to enroll Aubrey in Kindergarten. We had been deciding back and forth all spring/summer until we finally agreed after weighing all the pro's/con's. Andy took her to a group Parent Teacher Conference to meet Mrs. Talb and some of her classmates!! I never realized how many rules there were in kindergarten and how "on top of my game" I was going to need to be. Aubrey was so excited, Andy was calm, and I was completely nervous.
Wednesday morning came. It was dark and raining like crazy!!! She was instucted to wear brown on her first day because they would be learning about the color brown. Trying to talk Aubrey into wearing brown was close to impossible but after 4 outfit changes she wore a brown tank top under her shirt with brown shoes. She was so excited!!! Andy dropped her off and I waited by the phone. I thought (HOPED) the school would call saying Aubrey needed her mom:) But 10:00am passed, 11:00am passed... no call. Not being needed is a weird feeling.

Ainsley...what a funny girl. She wanted her elmo underwear on over her diaper. After realizing she could not see elmo with her pj's on she wanted elmo underwear on over her pj's. She will start potty training on Monday....ELMO seems to be the key. We will see!3:00 came quickly and Ainsley was excite to go pick up Aubrey!Caleb was excited because after we picked up Aubrey he got to go to his Parent Teacher Conference at his pre-school with Mrs. Susan! He already knew Mrs. Susan because Aubrey had her last year!!! Poor Mrs. Susan:) With Caleb's personallity so much louder/busier then Aubrey's we worry that she will be picketting outside of the pre-school demanding a raise after a week!!!
Picking up Aubrey was exciting. It was neat to see her walk out of the school by herself with her little coat and backpack. She talked about all she had learned and who she had met. I was lucky that Andy was able to get off work early to come and take pictures!! She talked about recess, music time, and what she had for lunch.


I knew this morning, THURSDAY AUGUST 20th, was going to be a day to remember. It was going to be different and life changing. I was ready for it, even with only 2 hours of sleep I was looking forward to August 20th, 2009!!

I helped Aubrey get ready for school dressed in red (requested by her teacher because they were learning about red) with the begged for pony tail (very unusual because Aubrey wouldn't wear a pony tail all summer..."But everyone has pony tails at Recess Time, Mom!"). After Andy/Aubrey were out the door I climbed back in bed, how glorious!!! By 8am Caleb was up and excited!!! His first day of Pre-school was starting in just 4 hours!!!All morning that is all he talked about. His 2 year old friend Noland called him at 11:00 and wished him good luck! He posed for a picture (of course he wanted one FIRST with just his backpack showing).
Last week when we were at Wal-Mart Caleb walked down the crowded isle of $7.00 backpacks. Have you seen the backpacks they have for little boys?!!!! Beyond of super hero bad guys with sharp teeth and green goop coming out. What happened to Deigo or Cars?? I would have even let him get a Sponge Bob one..but nope. Andy finally talked him into a Transformer one that lights up when you walk! He had to sleep with it last night:)
All morning he drove me crazy. When does school start? Where's my backpack? Can I sit by the new baby in the van? How do you say good luck in spanish? Will I go to school every day? Will my friend be there? Can I hold the hampster?? The ENDLESS string of questions followed me around the house all morning. He was too excited to hold still for a good picture.
Finally 11:50am came. With everyone ready we walked outside to get into the van. It was the usual Thursday afternoon...Frank was walking Mandy, Bill was outside in the drive way smoking 2 weeks worth of trout, and Bud was pulling into the drive way after spending the morning playing golf. I couldn't believe how normal/predictable this Thursday was... but 20 minutes later we pulled into the pre-school parking lot and the teacher opened the van door. Caleb excitedly jumped out and then closed the door. My life was instantly different, the day had instantly changed. Caleb was on his own and for as happy as I was I started to feel a little sad. Doesn't anyone need their mommy??!!? Of course, I cried all the way home (poor Ainsley was crying too...half because she always cries in the car and half because she was being left behind). When I got home it felt so weird. I put Ainsley down for a nap and fed quiet the house was.Picking Caleb up from his first day of pre-school was funny. He didn't have his shirt on (thank goodness I put a tank top under his shirt) because according to Mrs. Susan "Caleb was so hot even his head was hot!" When Andy immediately asked Caleb what he learned at school he said, "I didn't learn anything at school!" He went on to talk about "icky, sticky, oooie, gooie milk"?!! Weird!!! But he made it and Mrs. Susan said he did great!!!

This year life will be different. I feel extremely humbled and oddly old. Have I taught my kids everything they need to know, have I shown them through example, and have I told them how proud I am and lucky I am to be their mom? I know they will do great!
This is the start to a whole new adventure for the Griner Family!


Clair said...

love the photos of aubrey and caleb so excited to be coming home on the first day of school- good idea to take those! tate looks great and sounds like a wonderful fourth baby (not too high maintenance ;)) I friend of mine said she was going to get her hubby to agree to a certain name 'cause the initials would be TD- touch down! Andy might like that. Enjoy your new routines. I have been very surprised at how dang busy I've been since school started- i guess there's always stuff to fill the time. Today was the first day I just chilled and it was quite nice. Love and miss you all!

Eric and Ashley Wheeler Family said...

Such a cute post! It is weird how you feel a little neglected when they get "all grown up" :o) We wish for the day when they are all at school then when it comes it feels so different than you thought. They are so cute though, and the little two too. Hope you're doing wonderful!

Kristen and Spencer said...

Your kids are growing up so fast! Aubrey looks so cute and stylish in every picture! Caleb looks so grown up! I can't believe they are in school already! I can't wait to see you guys in November, I really wish you guys lived closer so we could see your kids grow up, but I'm glad we at least have your blog to watch them :)