Saturday, May 16, 2009

Mother's Day Weekend!The Saturday before Mother's Day our list of things we had to get done kept growing and growing! Luckily, Andy's parents offered to take Aubrey/Caleb to an indoor water park in Clinton. Aubrey/Caleb were BEYOND excited to spend time swimming with their grandparents and having just one child for the afternoon was very exciting!!
After dropping Aubrey/Caleb off in Lone Jack I got back to find Ainsley just waking up from a nap and Andy finishing 1 part to the 7 part patio set. We knew we had to get to the store and get the van cleaned out so I told Ainsley to get ready so we could go. She quickly handed me a head band and grabbed Aubrey's purse! All of the essentials a young lady needs to go shopping!
Going through a busy Walmart with just Ainsley was delightful. We got in and out in less time and with our sanity still in tact! Thank you Paul and Marlene for taking the kids swimming and to McDonalds!
Mother's Day morning went rather smoothly even with the construction guys showing up. While Andy was packing up the Van Ainsley fell out:( She was very sad and my excitement about taking a family picture faded quickly! Despite Ainsley getting hurt we were still able to leave for Windsor on time!! This is the 2nd year we have surprised Andy's mom! The kids made a fun sign, we prepared a yummy dinner and desert so that when she got home from church she would be surprised!

It only took 15 minutes for Aubrey and Ainsley to fall asleep. Caleb (of course) was hyper and excited the entire drive!
It was a nice Mother's Day. It almost ended perfectly until Caleb fell in the Van biting threw both his top and bottom lips! Blood every where. How Caleb's two front teeth manage to keep intact are a miracle!
I would like to add these pictures because it shows how bizarre my kids are. To say that this past week has been a little stressful is an understatement. Napping while the construction guys have been here has been hard and with the rainy weather we have felt cooped up! Nap time usually goes from 12:30-2:30...if you do not sleep you have to stay in your room until 2:30. On Tuesday Caleb sang, banged toys, and jumped loudly up and down until 2:30 I went to get him out and he was asleep (in his mess of a room) on the floor with his comforter and pillow.
Ainsley thought it was hilarious and took the time to steal Caleb's fruit loops!

*Such went the rest of the week. Ainsley has started Terrible Two's. Not just any Terrible Two's. The ultimate, terrible, of all Two's!!! Also, as of Thursday she has started to say "NO" to everything. Even if she really mean yes. What a toot!
*Update on Griner "no name" baby.... he has jumped from the under 10% to the 30%. His heart rate is good! I tested too high on my Glucose test and on the 30th I have to take the 3 hour one. No fun.

*Caleb update:
Following almost 4 days of a bad cough, 4 very long sleepless nights, and no fever my fear that what we thought was just allergies might be turning into strep pneumonia again started to settle in. After speaking to a friend she mentioned Croup. I googled it. Caleb has every exact symptom. It explains his strange behavior and desire to drink water almost all day long. Poor Little guy. I hope he is better by the Florida trip. I would still like to take him to the doctor to make sure but Andy said hold out until Tuesday. Hopefully, he we can get him to rest and crank up the humidifiers.

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Clair said...

Ainsley looks like such a big girl in that first picture! It must have been weird just having one child. On that rare occasion that it is just Seth with Dave and I, I think back to long ago when we were still sort of newlyweds with only one child. Simpler times for sure! Ha. Glad you had a nice mother's day and glad to hear the baby is coming along.