Sunday, December 20, 2009

A Griner Christmas 2009
After all….there’s no place like home.This year our yellow brick road has lead us on an incredible journey! Full of winter sickness, viruses, and the flu. Holidays, Birthday Parties, and Family Vacations. House discoveries, remodels, and “we’ll never do that again!” I would say we get closer to Oz every year!!Aubrey (5) started Kindergarten this year! She loves playing dress up, sharing a room with Ainsley, and all things “pretend”! She loves to write her name, talk all about the new things she learned in school, and she is a great friend and big sister!!Caleb (4) started afternoon Pre-school this year!!! He loves to spell, ask questions, and play! He enjoys having a little brother and I think he has passed on all of his “terrible two” tricks to Ainsley! He loves being a Sunbeam, learns quickly, and is still just as loud as ever!Ainsley (2) Oh Ainsley…she is total “terrible two” to the extreme. Into everything, cranky, but learning and talking more every day! She loves Elmo, Tater Tot (aka…little brother), dancing, and is always the first to help clean up messes as well as the first to make them!!! Who would have thought 20 pounds could drive me so crazy!!!
Tate (4 months) Call him what you like TD, Tater, or Tater Tot. He is the new addition to our little family. Born August 4th 2009 he is perfect in every way. He laughs, rarely cries, and smiles constantly! He loves to roll over, be naked, and he is a chunk!!

Andy (30) received his very first raise, spent 2 months putting together a swing set, gutted the kitchen, replaced plumbing pipes, and sold his electric guitar amp to take up his new hobby...operation home theater!
Sara (24) This year I have learned what a full term pregnancy is like…Awful!! I have learned nail polish is impossible to hide, a new oven doesn’t guarantee an edible meal, and sending a child to school fully dressed does not guarantee they come home that way!! I have learned that tickles heal the tears, hugs heal the anger, and kisses help us grow! This year I have learned that socks, lego’s, and spoons really do disappear, that ONE bed time story always turns into 3, and a clean room would last longer if I just took a picture of it. This year I have learned that as our little family grows together, loves together, and learns together we get closer to happily ever after every day! We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

St. Luke 2:14
Glory to Gold in the highest,
and on earth peace,
good will toward men.


Pickles for Breakfast ! said...

And the same to you!!

It's soo funny to hear you say that "spoons" disappear! I seriously do NOT know where they go! and the ones I do have have been eaten by the garbage disposal! lol!
Legos.. MY bet is Andy trashed them and he just isn't telling you!

Stephanie said...

Hi there. I am new to your blog and I must say I just love it. Your little ones are too cute!