Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009
With all the craziness...I have finally found time to post Thanksgiving.
(I am actually doing this in place of vacuuming)

The weekend before Thanksgiving Ainsley's sickness declined. After calling the doctor and talking to the nurse they were able to fit me right in. After a check up and an x-ray Ainsley had Pneumonia. We are so thankful for our pediatrician who made it possible for us to bring Ainsley home instead of taking her to CMH. After a long weekend and long week her fever finally broke just in time for Thanksgiving! We were excited to travel down to Windsor for the Griner festivities!! It was the first time we had all been together in a while (minus Matt who was hard at work)!!
To our surprise Ainsley finally ate!!! After a week of no food she wasted no time chowing down!!
"More please...More please!"
Aubrey was excited for the Turkey and sweet potatoes!
Tate was having a bad hair day!
It was fun to have all the Griner Grandchildren together!
Caleb, Faith, Paul, Ainsley, Paris, Seth, Jack, Tate, Jane, Aubrey, and Olivia!
(Ainsley clearly still has anxiety issues)
After pie Marlene played Candy Land and put puzzles together with Aubrey, Paris, and Livvy!
Ainsley stayed close to the kitchen accepting food from anyone and everyone who would give her some!!
Caleb and Faith. They were together non-stop and busy playing.
The Friday after Thanksgiving Caleb waited patiently for his cousin (especially Faith) to arrive. Livvy, Paul, and Faith!! We have been talking about this sleepover for almost a year and waiting for them to finally arrive was the LONGEST WAIT of Caleb's life!!!
After craziness, air hockey, playing outside, food, tag, hide n' seek, and a cartoon the kids were "ready for bed!" This picture was taken at 10:30 pm. Paris, Faith, Caleb, and Paul in one room!!
Livvy, Ainsley, and Aubrey in one room (taken at 10:45pm). To my surprise Ainsley and Aubrey fell right asleep. Livvy and Paul ended up sleeping downstairs on the couch after Paul got sick, a long Horton Hears a Who, and some 7up.
Caleb, Paris, and Faith...after laughter, giggles, Why did you throw a cow at me?, and enough playing to last a month all three kids got scared and ended up sleeping on the floor in our room a little after 1:30am!!!
By 2am the house was was the calm before the storm of sickness because Ainsley started throwing up around 5.
Everyone was awake by 6! Ready for donuts, Saturday morning cartoons, and playing outside!! We pretty much didn't see them all morning!!! They played dragon-vampire house or something like that! It was a blast!!!! By 2pm everyone was loaded up in the van and ready to head back to Windsor for Midnight Madness!! Ainsley, Nate, and Andy were sick so Paris stayed behind with them and I headed down for the fun!!
After waiting in line to see an awesome looking Santa Aubrey asked for a Dora House.
With all of the excitement Caleb paused for a picture but forgot to ask Santa for "A dart Gun" or "A remote control that controls everything I need it to control"...he was devastated!! I reassured him that he could see Santa on a different day.
Tate was patient enough to sit on Santa...he had no requests but he really needs clothes that fit him. What a chub!!
After a fun and busy weekend Ainsley, Nate, and Andy were feeling better but Caleb started throwing up. Paris was nice enough to stay by his side and Caleb later proclaimed that Paris was his best friend. (note that I was sick the same day as Caleb..miserable)
Aubrey started throwing up on Wednesday...
Tate started throwing up on Thursday...and then after he didn't get better I called the doctor who fit us right in. Tate had a virus and mild Pneumonia. He was given an inhaler and medicine. I am so thankful for my wonderful pediatrician and the nursing staff. We were able to avoid CMH but with specific orders and instructions. So, for those thing about getting flu shots let me say....SICKNESS COMES WITH OR WITHOUT THEM!
Snow Snow. To say that I was unprepared for Tuesday nights snow storm...understatement. Late Tuesday night Aubrey and Caleb were outside playing in the dark! By Wednesday morning Caleb "really really really" wanted to play outside. It was freezing!!! I didn't have gloves or snow shoes for Caleb so I doubled up Andys socks and put them over Caleb's hands.Tate's hair is getting a bit out of control!
Tate loves to roll over. He rolls from front to back and back to front. I was in the middle of capturing it on camera when Caleb couldn't take the cold anymore!! By the time I let Caleb in Tate had already rolled over!!
Ainsley was tired of being left out so she put on her shoes, Caleb's socks, and her coat all by herself. She only lasted outside for 45 seconds or so. Burr...
*note that Ainsley is driving me crazy!! Her new favorite word is spilled. I think she keeps spilling things on purpose just so she can yell it around the house. Also, she loves to say Tater Tot...she will wake him up just so she can yell Tater Tot Awake. Uhg! Really!!
Tate...he loves to fall asleep at night on the floor spread out between Andy's speakers and subwoofer. He can sleep through anything!! Also, he is pretty awesome! He laughs all the time, loves Sesame Street, and is grabbing at things. He is a kicker and keeps kicking his socks off!! I thinks its only a matter of time until he says mom!

Well, what a week. Tate is finally feeling better, the washer/dryer are fixed and all signs of throw up have been cleaned. Andy paid $26 and took me to a packed theater to see New Moon on Thanksgiving night, we put up our first Real Christmas Tree, and the kids had fun at Chick-fil-a Family Fun night!! Now we move forward to Christmas.....boy oh boy!!!In the mist of it all I finished Tate's room. Sad, I know. It took me forever but there are other jungle animals hanging on the walls around the room.

Important News:
Sesame Street has new episodes. Wonderful!!
Congrats to Nate on the big engagement! blame me for your phone bill and then call my blog lame. Crewl num...just crewl.


Clair said...

Hey you beat me! Haha. I think I can more easily steal the pics of your blog than I can kodak. We loved being with you guys and thanks again for the sleepover! LOVIN tate's hair! Seth has issues too. Everyone always comments on it and just recently my doctor asked if he could take a closer look only to discover that he has two cowlicks. Love you guys!

Laura said...

I hope that your kiddos are doing better. Sick kids stink. It looks like you guys had a fun, busy Thanksgiving!!!

Pickles for Breakfast ! said...

Sorry you guys have been sick..
I am loving Tate's huge belly and his wild hair!

Talk to you soon

swampbaby said...

You have been busy! (What else is new, huh?) Glad to hear everyone is on the mend. You are amazing you can keep up with everything!

Ella said...

I can't believe your big chub can roll both ways already! How can he possibly lift all that weight?! Thanks so much for the clothes. Jack has been looking super cute in them!!! I'm so glad! I can't believe everyone got sick! Crazy!