Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy 2010

The week of the New Year has been a busy "eye opening" week!
On Monday I dropped Aubrey off in Pittsville to spend the night with "Grandpa and Grandma" Griner. With the other 3 kids excited in the back of the van we picked up Andy and headed to Chuck-e-Cheese to meet up with Caleb's little friend Alec and his parents Constantine and Elena! How fun is Chuck-e-Cheese!!! It was crowded and so fun!!!!!
On Tuesday we had a play group!! The kids enjoyed playing from 10-2 (cookies and chicken nuggets included) and I made the mom's Salmon while we ate really good tangerines, pumpkin cheesecake bread, and mounds! Late LATE Tuesday night I hid the last 5 tangerines for myself. The kids ate ate and ate them all day and I really wanted some for Wednesday. Well, Wednesday morning during Elmo's World I started folding laundry. The kids weren't singing or laughing...I thought that was strange so I went into the room. MY TANGERINES!!! Ainsley found them and wanted them so bad that she peeled them herself!!!!
Ainsley never does anything alone...Caleb is always close by.
Early Wednesday when all the tangerines were gone it was Aubreys turn to have a play group! They loved having the Hubble girls over but Caleb felt a little left out. 10am-2pm all things girls.....and Caleb!
Tate will do WHATEVER it takes for food. So, I said "What are you doing?"
We rung in the New Year with style. At 6:30pm we put Ainsley to bed and started our little party! Chips n' dip in the basement, while watching Sid the Science Kid, and playing 5 rounds of Candy Land. At 8:30pm we counted down...10..9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1..HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! The kids ran around and acted crazy for 60 seconds and then bed time!!!! They couldn't believe they stayed up until "midnight" and that is was finally 2010!!
January 1st we decided to start the year off with a blast! Andy shoveled part of the deck, heated up the grill, and started on the ribs!!! After they were warmed on both side I sliced them up into servings!
Please let me have some?!!!
Yum...only 3 more hours until they will be done!!!
With the house clean, the kids dressed, and dinner almost done we awaited our guests!!
Elena brought a yummy Russian desert, Constantine helped Andy grill the chicken, and Alec ran around with Caleb until the Adkin family arrived. Then the food disappeared, house filled with laughter, and with 8 kids there was definitely never a dull moment!
Saturday morning we joined our friends at Home Depot for Calender building! Aubrey loved it! She was very careful to follow instructions and make her calender look perfect!
Alec did a great job!
Caleb...oh Caleb. He liked the nails and hammer....but mostly just laughing and running around with Alec!
Sometime during the party on New Years day Caleb acquired a bruised eye.
It was lots of fun! Very organized, free, and the kids loved the aprons!Tate grabs and rolls to grab everything and anything! He is constantly chewing on his hand and is still a very content, always happy little TateR!Ainsley has started to love Lego's. She ended 2009 by saying her name for the very first time! Not meme, but actually, Ainsley!!!! This past week she has been eating like crazy so we are hoping she has gained a little bit of weight!!!!
We are so excited for all the changes 2010 will bring. New Years resolutions and the melting of snow are fresh on our minds. I am going to try to do the 365 days of pictures. It will be neat to see how quickly the kids


Clair said...

I had to laugh 'cause it sounded like Grandma and Grandpa LIVED in Pittsville. I'm off to check your 365 blog and excited you are doing it! I still have to take a pic for today and have no idea what to do.

Paul said...

I love your blog. The children are just precious.

mom said...

Whew! I think you are supermom, Sara. The children are so lucky to have such a fun and energetic mother. I am always entertained when reading your blog.
Mom Griner

Stephanie said...

Yor kids are just too darn cute!

Ella said...

Sara, I never commented on this post? Anyway, loved it as usual! But it's been awhile! I need an update on all the craziness going on in your neck of the woods!