Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday, January 16th- Saturday, January 23rd

Playgroups, Party's, Destruction, and Lunch with Dad.
Aubrey wants to teach and show Tate everything. While Aubrey was waiting (patiently) to attend a friend's Hello Kitty party she decided to entertain Tate.
I took the girls to the Hello Kitty party and Andy stayed home with the boys + Alec. They watched Night at the Museum and played Fireman while Andy observed the cooking of the ribs. We had a fun day and when we dropped Alec off at home we got to see his new baby brother Ryan and leave them with a yummy dinner/desert!
We wont laugh...Yes, his pants are way to small, his shirt is way, way, way too short, and he now has to wear 12 month clothes. But...did you notice? He has mastered the lean!!!!!
I cant return her so I mine as well feed her!!! I am not sure how I will survive her "terrible two's" I am just so thankful she is finally feeling better!
Me along with another friend threw Elena a baby shower. With cars lined up and down the street, 8 moms, 18 kids, catered BBQ, and a "new born 2 weeks early" baby boy. It was the funnest party ever!! Jungle theme, fun decorations, and a clean house...what could be more fun. Since Andy had to work....a big shout out to Constantine and Levi for "supervising" the children (all 18 kids were under the age of 6). They were mighty grateful for KungFu Panda and the air hockey table!! We did let them come up for air to enjoy the awesome BBQ and treats!!
Tate enjoyed all the excitement of the baby shower.
Aubrey loves NO SNOW. She desperately was willing to tread the "gross" mud to go swing.
Tate loves to hold his toes.
Tate is such a good brother...always willing to play pretend. Even if that means headband, necklaces, and lip gloss.
A week of destruction:
Monday: Caleb took an orange crayon to his furniture and bedroom walls
Tuesday: Caleb and Ainsley emptied out the cleaning supplies all over Calebs bedroom carpet and furniture
Wednesday: Caleb colored all over his furniture with a glue stick.
Thursday: He took every single newly hung and ironed piece of clothing off the hangers on onto a crunched pile in my bedroom closet
So, I think...hum, before I completely loose my mind what can I do. Time out is clearly not working and I spend many HOURS during the day playing with him.
Then it hit me!!! HOMEWORK!!
Friday morning after we dropped Aubrey off at school and vacuumed/cleaned out the van we went strait to the table. While Ainsley cut up a piece of paper Caleb did homework...cutting, gluing, spelling, matching, and coloring. Along with spelling and sounding out "sight words".
It was a very productive 45 minutes and he was excellent the rest of the day. I will continue to do this every day during the week...its just what he needs! Even if I end up piling the dirty lunch dishes on top of the dirty breakfast dishes.
I hid one of every shoe so the kids couldn't go outside in the cold and mud. I thought I was pretty smart. Clearly not! Matching means nothing to them.
*note that Ainsley dressed herself....a dress, her 4th of July shirt, and her Dora pj top.
This is what a Teething Tate looks like. He is so good but a little bit sad at times. Chewing constantly on everything!
When I picked Caleb up from school he was excited to drive to meet Grandma. It was his turn for special time with Grandpa and Grandma! When I handed him over to Marlene I had NO idea he was covered from head to toe in paint, chalk, and marker!!
Ainsleys slew of new words is a bit blunt...
go away.
I said hungry again.
again I said.
No nursery...mommy go nursery
Tater need Elmo.
No nap
Milk with Water in cup.
Also, included in the last 2 weeks.
1. Andy had fun going to lunch at Aubrey school to celebrate her "half" birthday. He finally met the much talked about Sophia and Ally and Aubrey got to show off her dad!
2. Caleb's Parent Teacher Conference!! Way to go buddy!!
3. Aubrey got accepted into a special developmental speech and reading program through Childrens Mercy Hospital. She attended her first evaluation and we are so grateful and excited for her to being the 12 week program! The therapists are wonderful and Aubrey is BEYOND excited to start!!!
4. Tate said MAMA! More then once and I have 2 witnesses along with Aubrey and Ainsley!!
5. Andy got a new calling. He is really excited to be in Young Mens again!
6. With all the snow and Andy being sick...I, Sara, shoveled the driveway. I pretty much hate snow. I was on the being so pretty and all...but any happy thoughts towards snow have now dissolved! Give me my white beaches any day!!!

We hope that the end of January can continue on calmly or at least end in a calmly manner. Aubrey will start Cheerleading on Monday, Caleb will start Karate on Tuesday and on Thursday a fun brunch is planned!

So, to all who have asked Where have I been?...
I have been a bit overwhelmed, a bit crazed, and just a tiny bit busy. But I DID SURVIVE!! It was close and I might have lost some sanity but I SURVIVED! Thankful every Friday night I have volleyball, all trouble off the week come out with my serve!!! GO OP2!

oh, a special thanks to Paul and Marlene. Caleb had a wonderful time spending the weekend with you guys. Thank you for not cutting his hair!
Also, Congrats to Spencer and Ella coming soon!
Congrats to Seth and boy coming soon!!


Steve, Meghan & Elena said...

HOLY COW!! What a crazy few weeks!! You are amazing that you survived!! Ainsley's hair looks really cute!

Kristen and Spencer said...

Wow! Now I know why you haven't posted in a wbile :) I love Ainsley's short hair, so cute! Hope the next two weeks go a little better than last :) although it does provide for great reading entertainment! Thanks!

Nicole Heape said...

Man o Man girl. You def live a crazy life. Haha. I love Ainsley's hair its so cute. You truly are Super Mom