Sunday, January 31, 2010

The last week of January...

Can we survive!!!???!!!Tate's hair cut!!!! What a handsome stud!
Dressed herself to go to cheerleading. She was very sad to find out only Aubrey got to go.
Dressed and ready for Cheerleading!
She learned a cheer to a Miley Cyrus song. She loves cheerleading and practices everyday!
Tuesday KARATE!!! I signed Caleb up for Karate with his friend Malcolm.
It was pretty intense.
*not pictured...earlier that day my van battery died for the 2 time this week. My dirty van had to be pushed out of car line by 2 teachers, Amanda, and Constantine! After a jump start we were geared and ready for Karate!
After Karate nothing can heal a swollen eye like a bowl of cereal and an orange ribbon!
Tate can finally reach his toes and hold them. He never lets go!
Aubrey's 100 day of school breakdown. She doesn't like school and getting her to go these past few days has been horrible. She is very creative and caring but struggling with the daily homework. She loves pe, music, and her friends!
January 28th...
What does 25 mean to me....
For $25 I can get half a tank of gas
For 25 cent Caleb can get a gum ball at Walmart.
For 25 minutes every afternoon I have to wait in the car line at Caleb's school.
Aproximately 25 days a year I get to sleep in more then 4 hour increments
$25 is how much I spend on formula a week
I am finally 25!! 25 with 4 kids sounds a lot better then 24 with 4 kids right?!
I should feel older, wiser, and wonderful. Right?!
Well...I do. 25 is going to be great!
We spent Thursday morning preparing for a brunch! 6 mom's and 18 kids under the age of 5!
2 surprise cakes, a dozen donuts, flowers, and a present the size of Caleb!
It was just a great day, probably the best birthday.
And even though I still haven't done the college thing, still cant cook a week of meals without a fire starting in the oven, or go an entire day without a is good and with success coming in all different forms mine is simple my children and that is okay.Tate's 2nd bath. I have decided that Tate deserved a bath. He loves the shower but he also loves the bath!!!Since Tate took a bath Ainsley and Caleb got to too. You would never know because she wont let me do her hair and she insists on dressing herself....she has a kitty cat sleeper underneath her elmo sweats.
Tate's first tooth!!!!
Saturday, January 30th, 2010!!!
Everyone was very very excited! Tate had a slight fever so he spent part of the morning reading with dad!Aubrey spent almost all of Saturday tired. I guess having a "mom and daughter" night out should have ended a little earlier. It was lots of fun to have her with me at my volleyball tournament and it was fun to see her play and make friends with all of the other little girls!
Church...we made it on time!!! Andy had to work so "operation hustle" was in full swing!!!
Tate is so close to so very close. He finally lifted up his stomach and did a push up!!!! He has been a little out of shorts the past 3 days because he's teething but he is still wonderful and always fun to entertain!!!

What a week. Onto February!!!!!!
About the 365 blog...
On an awesome note...this picture a day thing is very therapeutic. Instead of getting upset right away I take a picture. By the time I take the picture, whatever happened really isn't so bad!! I didn't even miss a day in January. Hopefully, I can keep it up. It really is fun!


.Lane and Jesika. said...

Your life is seriously crazy! I love to read your blog because there is never anything boring! Don't you feel so old at 25? I am 25 and still in college, no kids, and no money!! HA HA!!! Thanks for sharing your funny stories, it makes me laugh.

Laura said...

Tate is looking so grown up. Happy Late Birthday!!

Ella said...

Aubrey's school meltdown picture makes me want to cry!! I love her cheerleading pics though! She is so adorable. All of your kids look great!

Clair said...

i love when you have all 4 kids squished together for a pictures- too cute. very clever list of 25's. and way to go on the 365. I have not been so diligent and ask myself every few days if I really want to do this...