Sunday, February 7, 2010

I can be a cool mom too!

What a crazy week! I feel like I say that with a big sigh every Sunday morning. Grateful that I survived and the house is still standing! I had high hopes for this past week though. I thought, I'm 25 now! I have been a mom for almost 6 years! I got this under complete and total control! I can do this! BAH HA HA!!!**why did I speak so soon?!!!Monday Tate was up all morning crying and sad from teething....and then comes the throw up. Monday night Andy made it home just in time for Aubrey to go to Cheer! She loves Cheer! Andy finally caved and bought her the $20 pom poms!
Since Aubreys coat got stolen Andy picked out a new coat for her. BRIGHT, BLUE, AND PUFFY!
Tuesday morning.. I caved and cut Calebs hair! Well, I took him to get it cut.
Tuesday morning after we got back from the store Ainsley threw up. I said...oh no. Oh no! We are not doing this again. I loaded the kids back into the car and into Caleb's school where everyone got the H1N1 shot. That is the only shot we haven't had....please let the sickness of winter pass! WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH!
Caleb got his Karate Uniform!! He loves Karate and can tell you all about it if you call!
Tate was so sick all day and for the past 2 days....his 2nd tooth is coming! He was so happy to play peak-a-boo though!
Thursday Aubrey and Caleb were playing after school. After a scream and lots of crying Aubrey revealed a bloody arm. She had a big long deap gash...
Oh, a happy note. I had Parent Teacher Conference with Aubrey's teacher, reading therapist, and speech therapist Thursday morning at 7:30. It went really well. Also, on Thursday Aubrey started her first session of Speech Therapy at Children's Mercy Hospital!!! She did great! We got to watch her through a window/mirror. It was a neat experience to get to watch her...I just wish the room was bigger then 8x8. It was cramped with my 3 kids, 2 other moms, and another child for an entire hour. But way to GO AUBREY!!
Friday morning...not a happy camper! She did show off her cut before being dragged to the car! After dropping Aubrey off at school and stopping by the store I drove Andy to the airport. There was a debate on how to get home. Andy told me to take 29N. We said goodbye, Ainsley cried, and the snow started coming down thicker and faster! I took 29N and ended up in St. Joseph, in my pj's, no shoes, and so lost!!! An hour and a half later we finally made it home and I unloaded everyone out of the car only to hear air leaking for my back tire! I got dress, dress the kids, and headed back out but the tire was flat! I do not know how to change a tire. Did not know where the spare was. Didn't have any of those tool things. And the snow was coming down like crazy. Luckily my neighbor had just gotten home from Florida and he pumped my tire back up so I could make it to Walmart. We'll when I got to walmart my tire was completely flat! They told me it was going to be a 3 hour wait. 3 HOURS WITH CALEB, AINSLEY, AND A SICK TATE! After a plea, a pretty please, and a hyper Caleb they said they would see what they could do but could make no promises. 30 minutes later I was on my way home, new tire, and oh so happy!!! THANK YOU TIRE GUYS! So, as you might be able to tell....this was not a good start to my weekend alone.
The roads were bad and I figured with no 4Wheel Drive my poor little van had been through enough so I wasn't able to take Caleb to school. I hid their shoes so they wouldn't go worries. They just borrowed mine and Andys.
10 minutes later I got upset and hid all the shoes...or so I thought. They found Andy's shoes outside under the Gazeebo! Ainsley decided she didn't need shoes! They lasted 2 seconds. Because of the snow our play group and "mom's movie" night was canceled! The kids were so sad so we had a gator golf tournament, played hide and seek, and ate taco's. It was a nice night. It is nice to be the "cool awesome mom" every once in a while! No homework, No green beans, and No "did you do that?" just love, laughing, and tickling!
Wiped out from loving mom too much!!!
Silence at night is rare but wonderful!
Shhhhh! With the kids sound asleep by 6:15 I held Tate and watched Love Happens. Bawled the entire time! Literally Bawled!
Saturday Morning 5:30am! Morning crashers...I really wanted to sleep in!
Saturday morning at 9:30 we headed to Home Depot for the Monthly kid club! Of course, I had to turn around half way there because I had forgotten to bring the CLUB aprons! Once inside Ainsley, got right to it!
Caleb geared and ready!
Aubrey was so excited that Marcello was there that she didn't want to make a car display.
Ainsley loved loved loved it!
Marcello, Aubrey, Malcolm, Makia, and Caleb...Ainsley had had enough and didn't want to take a picture. We were so happy to have the Nash family join us!
After home depot The Nash family joined us back at the house for lunch and playing!
Yes, that is a frozen pizza and a pancake/sausage on a stick. I am the cool mom this weekend remember?!! I did make Ainsley take a nap until the Watts family showed up. We had a fun play group and then....... dun dun dun............. ALEC'S party! We took Caleb's friend Max with us so his parents could go to the Saturday night Fireside. Max, Caleb, and Alec love hanging out and it is fun to see them pretend and rough house!
This party has been talked about for weeks. Non-stop, everyday, and all day! The kids love playing with Alec and love swimming. After pizza, the Happy Birthday song in English and Russian, cake, and strawberries we went swimming!!! Ainsley pointed to the deep end, I said no, and then she jumped in!!!! After that, she was pretty scared and just walked along the outskirts of the kids play pool!
Max, Caleb, Malcolm, and Sean!
Tate loved it too! It was a fun party and the kids were tired when we got home. Well, Caleb wasn't but what's new right?!!! After singing Caleb and Max a bed time jingle we all fell asleep until Max's mom came to pick him up around 10. It was a busy and fun weekend but we missed having Andy around!
Ainsley on Sunday morning....Covered in cake, reading Elmo, and waiting for dad to come home! He made it home around 5pm. We are so glad to have him back and I am glad that the house was still standing!!!

Important things to remember:
1.Caleb never comes home from school with his shirt on right. It is always backwards?! Weird boy!
2.Ainsley eats non-stop. I think she eats more then my brother Spencer right after a weightlifting meet!
3. The buddy system is in full affect. Every 5 minutes I yell for Caleb and ask what he is doing. If he says "Nothing" I need to RUN FAST and locate him. Because he is always doing something and when he says "Nothing" its always something HE knows he shouldn't be doing.

Something oh so funny:
While at Walmart my kids always head strait to the big $45 Valentines day Bears. Caleb grabbed one and I said, "Put that honkin' bear back!"
He looked really confused and asked, "Mom. How does the bear honk? The bear honks!!!!"
Everyone around laughed, including me. Poor choice of words.Pictured above: Matt, Jack, Ella, and Andy!
Congrats to Nate and Lia!!!

**A big super thanks to MY Grandma for the awesome valentines day/birthday package!!! I love having a cute watch and all the other items for me and the kids!!
**a BIG congrats to my mom on her 2 new callings!!!!! YAHOO!


Laura said...

I love how many pictures you always have. It is so fun seeing all that you endure =) That is so lucky that Walmart pushed for your van to get done faster. That would have been a long 3+ hour wait.

MamaLadyBug said...

I think the Wally world guy took one look at your family in tow and said, "Yeah, I gotta get this gal outta here!!!" Yee haw inspiration , even in small doses, is a good thing!

Thank you for reminding me what a cool mom is. I can get started again if I act soon :-) You really are great and I love to read your blog.

Bryan and Katie said...

your I LOVE reading your blog and I always laugh my head off. It looks crazy and hectic and soooo much fun all at once : ) I read it out loud to bryan last week (the january post) and he was laughing're family is wonderful! I can't wait till I get a whole bunch of kiddos

Nicole Heape said...

Girl I don't know how you do it. Seriously you are amazing! You are such a good mom.

Ella said...

There's always so much stuff I want to comment on but then I can never remember it all. Aubrey is the cutest little cheerleader ever. I can't believe your kids sneak outside like that! I've got Jane way too scared of "bad people" for her to do that. Ha. That Home Depot thing looks so fun!! I wish we had one here.

Moses Family said...

You are such a busy lady! I wanna be just like're my hero :)