Saturday, February 27, 2010

Girls and made out of sugar and spice and everything nice!
Boys are made out of snakes and snails and puppy dog tails!

After this past week I am not so sure the accuracy of that riddle!

The week did not start off on a good note. Aubrey missed Stunt Camp (due to Andy not checking his emails), Tate was up all Sunday night, and Monday morning Caleb learned how quickly a leaf catches on fire. I was thinking to myself...well, it cant get any worse.Tate is just wonderful. Despite being up all night 3 nights in a row, not taking regular naps, and cutting 4 teeth...he is just a joy!!! I knew something with Tate was off when he wasn't eating... HE LOVES ALL FOOD. Come to find out one big top tooth cut and 3 more are on the way!!! He'll be eating hamburgers by EASTER!!!
Crazy hair night at Cheerleading!!! An hour and a half curling, crimping, and braiding!!! Spraying pink was "MAGICAL!"
Tuesday night we had to choose between Karate or Family Night at Caleb's school....Family night it was!!! They learned about Booster Rooster and watched an egg that wasn't buckled crack! Pizza yum, friend yahoo, and a night around other parents enjoyable!
Tate and Caleb...wrestling! REALLY! I couldn't believe my eyes. They rolled over and over and Tate laughed and laughed!!!
Wednesday night Andy took Aubrey on a date!!! She was so excited!!!!!

And then we start THURSDAY!!!
Thursday morning: Getting all the kids up, fed, dressed, loaded into the van with homework and snacks so we can make it to speech therapy by 9:00am went smoothly!!! I thought, "Wow!! This is going to be a good day!" Then we get there....
No parking! I had to park in a different parking lot, in the freezing, and wind!
Caleb kept knocking on the window/mirror and I had to drag him out!

On a good note...
Caleb made it to school on time.
Ainsley took a nap and Tate almost crawled.

When I picked Aubrey up from school she AGAIN cried about having her hair long. She wants short hair like Sophia. This has been an ongoing conversation since November. I said nope and she continued to cry (not unusual). I started Dinner right away because I knew everyone was cranky and tired. Andy came home and fed them while I worked out and then....Oh, Tate almost ALMOST almost crawled....

And then....DUN DUN DUN!!!
Sara! Why is there hair all over Aubrey's table.
I walk into Aubrey's room and looked at Ainsley...I ask "Ainsley, what did you do?" Then I move one of the chairs and see long, beautiful, brown hair all over the ground!!!
A mixture of OH NO! Tears! OH NO! Tears!
Aubrey chopped off the right side of her hair...above her chin and in some parts half way up her head!!!
We didn't know what to do. It was too late to take her to get it fixed and it had been a very long and draining day so we put the kids right to bed!
30 minutes later....
Sceams!!! Ainsley was up on the top bunk playing with Aubrey and fell off the top bunk onto legos. At first we thought it was Nurse Maids Elbow so I called the neighbor and he looked at it and said to take her to Urgent Care for Xrays. After driving to KU midwest they took one look at Ainsley and sent me to Children's Mercy South. After xrays, Ainsley had a broken Elbow! The swelling in her arm was 3x her normal size and her pj top had to be cut off! Poor Ainsley! A splint, a sling, and a slushy later it had really been a rough night!!Friday Ainsley's reality set in. She was in pain, very cranky, and kept falling right on her arm every time she walked! She quickly found Tate's snack but cranky was with her all day!While filling Ainsley pain medication....CHOP.... The hair stylist was unable to salvage the long hair. Tear! I thought I was going to cry!!! Aubrey was so excited!!!
Goodbye long hair. Good bye 4 long years of growth, brushing, and curling. Of course, Aubrey is extremely happy!!! I don't think she has stopped smiling!
Friday night Andy took Aubrey to stay with Grandma, we did a fun play group, and Ainsley was just so sad. She will meet with the Orthopedic Surgeon on Monday...until then keeping her still is the name of the game!

A long week, but we survived! Will I survive 10 days of Spring Break in March??? Its unlikely!!! With all the craziness, crankiness, and the end of this week I still find myself completely grateful, complete, and happy. I just hope that next week humbling experiences will come in a more mild form.

Happy Birthday Dad!!!
Happy Birthday Elena!!!
Happy late-Birthday MATT!

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Ella said...

Aubrey's new hair looks adorable! I was SO sad to hear her long hair was gone though, I can't imagine how you must have felt! Poor little Ainsley! Trying to do the wheels on the bus movements with a cast!!! I'm not sure if it's sad or funny!!