Thursday, February 18, 2010

When a kid can be a kid!

This past week and a half has been a lot of fun. Not much sleep, one half day, 2 trips to Crown Center, A birthday party, Doctors check up, 2 therapies, 1 evaluation, Cheer, Karate, Play Group, Valentines Day, and one day off of school.
As our weeks get busier they become more fun, more clean, and tend to "wipe me out." Its nice to have separate things to break up the day/week.Tate's naps haven't gone according to routine this past week. Everyone loves him too much. Caleb attended Karate and passed off his high kicks and punches!!! He got a yellow stripe on his belt and I got a "talkin' too" about the correct way to put on a white belt!There is no need for pants to make cup cakes!!!After a long night of homework Aubrey was excited to make her Valentines day box!On Friday we headed to Caleb's school for the Family Valentines Day party. While waiting for some friends Ainsley managed to get all dirty!Tate and his thumb!Ainsley and Makia! Those two have been spending alot of time together. They get along for the first 5 minutes and sock or my elmo, or my french fry!! Girl fight!It was fun to see Caleb and his friends!After the parties...candy time!Saturday morning we headed to Chuck-e-Cheese for Malcolms birthday party!! Caleb split up right away to play. He left all his tickets behind!!! Aubrey's favorite was ski ball! We had so much fun at Malcolm's Chuck-e-cheese party!Ainsley after church. Still red puffy eyes....the minute she saw the church she started crying and didn't stop until the pancakes started!On Valentines Day night we had the Marinov Family over for a "heart" pancake feast! On my awesome new griddle that they gave me for my birthday!Always a mess!
When it is cold outside I always know where to find the kids. Huddled around the vent. Cozy!Tate just goes with the flow. Happy Tater!!
At 6 months he weighs 20 pounds and is 28 inches long!We made to trip to Crown Center's "Fairy Tale" exhibit! Once on the half day and the other on Presidents day. The kids played for hours!
Tate in "Mama Bear's" chair and Ainsley in "Baby Bear's" chair!
Aubrey had a blast and made a couple friends too!Tate loved the colors, noises, and craziness!
After a busy afternoon at the mall we headed home to take a nice, long, wonderful nap!After a great nap we joined the Watts family at Chuck-e-Cheese for FHE! Tate wasn't sure what to make of the roller coaster ride!Ainsley....slept from 7pm to 9:45am. NEVER had she EVER slept that long, NEVER! It was a sign of a bad, long, awful, cranky Ainsley day. She cried, she screamed, and she cried all day! Until finally she could cry no more! On this day the van battery died (again) and the upstairs toilet overflowed. Don't you love those days?
Tate is using his large 90% frame to do push ups! I guess since most of his weight is bumb and legs it might just be muscle pushing up that body! He is a wonderful baby and loves to play peek-a-boo, stare at sesame street, and grab his toes. He has 2 teeth and it looks like his brown hair is here to stay.

Lots of fun and lots done! Andy and I even managed to go out on a date. It was fun to go out and the kids had fun playing play-doh and memory cards with Grandpa and Grandma Griner. Aubrey had 2 speech therapy classes at CMHS and a 2 1/2 hour evaluation. We are so proud of her. She has loved her new class and loves cheerleading!
A big BIG thanks to Paul and Marlene for watching the kids and to Marlene for making an extra trip to watch the kids while I took Aubrey to her evaluation! Happy Anniversary!
Congrats to Aunt Jackie and Uncle Greg...we cant wait to meet a new HYDE baby!
On a weird note....I haven't talked to my parents all week....I hope they are having fun on their kidless vacation!!!!


Papa Griner said...

What a great post. Love the pictures. How do you do it all?

Clair said...

I was going to say "how do you do it?" and then I saw that Dad said the same thing. Faith said the other day that she wants to grow her hair as long as Aubrey's. Not sure that is physically possible looking at where she is starting from. Wow- Tate's push up is great! Faith can do the correct style push up but she is the only one in the family- well except for Dave- it's in the job description. ha

Tiffany said...

Wow, you guys stay pretty busy! Where do you get all your energy? I need to tap into that!