Sunday, February 21, 2010

A weeks end....A new one begins!After a busy week we thought with the week ending it would quiet down a little. Wrong! Friday morning after hustling Aubrey off to school we waited for Alec to arrive so he would spend the morning with us while his parents were at the doctor/school.
So...what happens when it rains, snows, and it yucky outside?? I run out of diapers and milk. Now, milk I can go without...I think I could have distracted the kids long enough but diapers. Nope! So with 4 kids we headed out in the rain.After our shopping trip we came home, ate, laughed and headed to Caleb's school. I had to go early and talk the nurse into letting Caleb go to school from March 1st the March 11th and Tate got his HINI shot! He didn't even cry and the school nurse accepted Calebs 2008 physical until his March 11th one! Sweet! After school started parents were invited to stay and ask questions/observe! I loved it last year with Aubrey and it was so fun to do it again this year! They let parents stay in the room for over 30 minutes! When that was done I had an hour till I had to pick up the kids so we had the younger Nash family over for lunch! After school we had a play group and then we put the kids to bed and had Couples night. It was lots of fun and neat to meet a new couple and spend time with Marinov Family!
Baby finds toy.... what happens when you move the toy out of reach??
He tries to go and get it!
He goes from push up to his knees and starts looking!!!!!
Saturday in the rain I took Ainsley, Caleb, and Aubrey out to run errands! Walmart, Khols (I had to get Ainsley a coat because her winter coat was stolen), and then Chick-fil-a to have lunch with the Nash family! After lunch we went back to Walmart and then home. After being gone for 5 hours the kids were TIRED!!! They slept so good.
Story...I promised Caleb he could get a Bakugan if he was really good. I have recently learned what these are...Do you know? Everyone age 5 and boy loves them, has them, and apparently cant live without them. All of Caleb's friends have them, I think its a cartoon or movie. Not sure. Anyways, we finally get to walmart. He was sooooooooo sooooo good. I saw the toy isle with the Bakugan sign....we get to it and NOTHING! SOLD OUT! The entire section was bare!! Poor Caleb, he has spent the last 2 weeks dreaming, thinking, and talking about these Bakugans! He looked around and then at me and said "Mom, what am I going to do!" I had no idea what to say. I kept thinking, how could these be so popular. It's not even Christmas, what the heck are these things!!! After a deep thinking period (about 45 seconds) Caleb said, "I know MOM! I can get hungry hippo. Dad just would love hungry hippo!"
Sunday morning everyone slept in until 7am! They gathered around Hungry Hippo in yesterdays clothes and ate Sunday morning donuts and fruit!
Tate tested out his new teething snack! I think that made up for me waking him up. He wasn't too happy about that! But routine routine routine!
After watching the kids play he made his way over to play too!
This is going to be a good week!

Congrats to Spencer!!! You got into PT school! WOOT WOOT! Although, I had to find out from Andy who saw on facebook. Not cool!

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Clair said...

You know Tate was eyeing that electrical cord, not the ball. :) Paul who is 9 is into bakugan so you may have a few years of that ahead of you. I have been to walmart a couple of times and found the bakugan section very depleted.