Tuesday, January 8, 2013

First week in 2013

Starting the New Year off independent and older!
So...if you do not know baths are not done here.  Those are more of a specialty once in a full moon, yahoo type of thing because I feel like it turns into a monsoon and nothing gets accomplished at all.  But that is just in my motherhood experience I am sure that if YOU are a mom YOU know how to do it right, with yourself dry in the end...floor dry in the end, and minimal towels used.  Oh, and happy thoughts.  It's just not on my bucket list.  So we do showers.  In the new house the 3 oldest are old enough to take this important responsibility and do it correctly, after which they can get dresses alone.  The problem is with Ainlsey the dressing part.  She often times gets lost.  I find traces of her down the hall.  It is like she get half way to me, very excited to show me her outfit and then thinks of something to add to it and leaves it on the ground and runs to get the next item.  When all is said and done I usually find her still naked deciding on the perfect socks or which princess underwear would be best for the day.
 I mean...it must be so hard to be 5.  Of course, she has a lid on her underwear box.  You wouldn't want anyone to know.  She is very seriously about these things.  
 Aubrey likes to write letters to us on her dry erase board.  It is really fun!  I am not sure why we are all riding camels.  My parents were in Israel over Thanksgiving again and Aubrey thought it was cool that they road camels.  We do not know but Florida is about as far as we travel.
 Ainsley got new running shoes...
 After a weekend at Grandmas and a trip to Grandpas office to check to make sure a tooth was under the baby one she lost her first tooth!!!!  Yay!!
The biggest thing to happen the first week of 2013 was for Tate!!!!  Our SUNBEAM!  This is BIG on a couple of levels.  First he was so excited and he did great!  Second that means we do not have any more babies.  Third now we have 2 in junior and 2 in senior primary.  BIG!  Maybe it wasn't a big deal for any other parent there on Sunday but it was a big deal for me because who would have thought....it wasn't like crowds cheering and bells ringing it was more like a peaceful, we have arrived we made it. We did it!  


Ella said...

Cute! Come teach my kids to shower! Jack is a sunbeam too. He was beyond excited before church. After class though he announced he won't be going back. No toys and he hates coloring,

The Griner Family: said...

Haha! Jack is great!!! Caleb hates to color too!

Clair said...

What a cute sunbeam! That IS a milestone Sara- all the kids in Primary- a whole 2 hours to your self! :)