Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Years Eve 2012

New Years Eve 2012
 Not just the last day of a busy year but a morning full or endless cheering and excitement because snow!  Really, big, fun, fluffy snow!  Now we had snow a couple of week previous in the evening but it was more like ice and it cancelled their last day of school for the year, closed the roads and caused frustration.  Not to mention our lights flickering.  (super fun)   This...this was exciting.  Now, I have a 10:00am rule.  Just because they wake up at 6:00am doesn't mean the neighbors do.  If I was a neighbor AND was retired AND didn't have children I think I would like to sleep until 9:00, wake up to silence OR nice relaxing music.  Maybe have some hot chocolate, take a quiet shower....not hear a bomb of yelling.  So 10:00am.  It is the right thing to do.  They were pretty worried that the snow wouldn't make it, it would vanish but it just kept coming.  
 The kids were excited about the snow...lasted about one minute but not Tate.  He had to make his mark.  He found a bunch of sticks and stuck them in the ground all over the place.  "TATE WAS HERE" Aubrey, Caleb, Ainsley and I sat and watched him for over 10 minutes just talk to himself.  He meant business.
After they played outside I sort of, kind of tricked them into watching one of my favorite movies!  While You Were Sleeping is a classic.  I mean it has to be watched and I knew that if I didn't make it sound exciting that I wouldn't be able to talk Caleb and Tate into it.  Aubrey and Ainlsey would watch it because it was about LOVE but no way would Caleb and Tate so with my years of experience I showed them the cover and said, "Do you want to watch this?  It's about a guy who almost gets hit by a train!!!!!!!!!"  I had them!  I showed them the train on the cover and they were in.  They actually loved the movie.  I am pretty sure I can get them to watch Little Women next because "technically" batman is in it.  I mean not batman the character but batman the actor and he saves someone who falls into the icey water so...I'll have to work on that one.
 New Years Eve Night came. After dinner and some fun snacks we played twister.  Caleb was always out first.  He is not a stretcher!  Ainsley usually won or the game ended all of a sudden.  At "midnight" (Yes, this might be the very last year we are able to set all the clocks ahead 4 hours,  the kids are getting really smart) the kids were so excited they opened the doors and screamed 2013! 


I am not sure what 2013 will hold for our little family.  What path we will follow.  What new friends my children will make, toys they will be introduced to, or sport they will play next.   How many time I will have to chase Tate with markers, ask Ainsley why she changed her outfit, tell Caleb "Manners Matter", or beg Aubrey to "just wear this today."  I would like to hope that I get my kitchen table out of my garage and into my kitchen and that I am able to avoid getting a pet for another year.  I've made it this long I can come up with a couple more good solid reason why, I hope!  In 2013 we will leave behind a huge part of our life, Ainsley will begin Kindergarten, Caleb will get baptized, and Tate will start Sunbeams.  It does look like pillow pets will be a big part of 2013 since Andy's aunt gave each of my children one for Christmas...funny how those things have stuck around.  The question is...will Aubrey and Ainsley both end up with a 3DS by the end of the year and will Beyblades still be so super fun to watch Caleb play?!  Who knows,  maybe next year?  I do have a feeling that the tooth fairy will be here soon.  Ainsley is such an over excited child when she looses a tooth I hope she is at home and not at school...oh boy!!!

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