Saturday, December 29, 2012

As we end the year...lets highlight!!

Highlights over 2012...

A picture with all 4 kids together...take 1...take 2...take 3... oh well!  
 Aubrey's baptism this year.  She received fun necklaces from her AZ grandparents, bookmarks from her Utah Grandparents, and a small scripture case and scripture set from her Florida Grandparents.  She loved having her friends and family come and watch.  She had a blast at her "Yellow Brick Road" birthday party.  Tate dresses as the lion, Caleb as the tin man, Ainlsey as Dorthy, and Andy was the Wicked Witch.  It was so incredibly hot outside that day.  But it was a blast!    
 As her 4 season on the Super Girls...they were ready to go!  Defensive End, we were even learning the positions!  Aubrey even scored a goal this last season!  She loved swimming over the summer and was tall and brave enough to go down the twirling slides alone!  
Caleb's hair turned green over the summer!  Oh boy!  He loves the water.  Loved the sandy Navarre Beach and when he first saw the sand he thought it was SNOW!  Caleb's favorite thing in 2012 was going to Florida.  He didn't want to leave.  He loved that you never had to wear shoes!  We took the kids to McDonalds one day and once he noticed that some of the locals didn't have shoes on he knew that Navarre was the place for him!!!  When we finally went home he brought home a big back of shells and such!!

Caleb also enjoyed visiting NAS.  Sitting in the planes, messing with all of the buttons and he got a fun pilot sticker!  
 This was Ainlseys year!!  She was finally old enough for everything!  Soccer was it and she was ready.  I was shocked actually,  I had no idea that the little girl who wanted to wear a dress everyday and have her hair done in millions of bows would get out there and steal the ball.  Quite aggressively for peewee!!  I loved cheering and yelling for her.  Even her little friend Emsley came to a game and clapped and cheered!!  One weekend it was "silent weekend."  No talking or cheering allowed from the parents, only mild clapping when a goal was scored....I must was pretty hard.  I just kept giving her a thumbs up!  Something the first game.  She was running to steal the ball and I yelled," STOP IT AINSLEY!!!!, GO.. STOP IT, AINSLEY!!!!!!" Meaning, good job.  Go and stop her from scoring.  But Ainsley stopped right in her tracks!  She thought I meant stop it. All of the parents started laughing when we realized she didn't understand the difference from "at home" talk and "cheering!"  But Ainsley..YOU ROCK!!!  When all was said and done the Cupcakes only lost 1 game and Ainsley ended up having a fun birthday Yellow Brick Road birthday party with a bunch of her soccer friends!!

Ainsley was also old enough to start pre school this year.  She ended up getting the same teacher Aubrey and Caleb had when they were in preschool.  Ainsley had waited all summer to start preschool.  And to start with her very best friend by her side!  She was also a swimmer this summer.  Swimming in the deep end and doing a lot of belly flops!!  She loves to swim and she loves to unload the dishwasher so she can earn her a little extra money so she can eat breakfast as school!  
When we were in Florida Ainlsey loved going out to lunch with my neighbor Gin.  Coloring next to her and talking to her, building sand castles were fun too!
 Tate...this was the year that anything they can do I can do to.  Even if it is for kids who are taller and already know how to swim.  He refused to wear a life jacket. He jumped into the deep end and that is how he learned how to swim this summer!  Markers are my enemy and his passion.  If they are left out, they are found all over his face, body, or a wall.  
 After having ear problems for the past year, a serious strep pneumonia was found in his ear, and spending the summer going in to the ENT 3 times a week to have his ears drained he had surgery.  He had a bad reaction from the surgery and so the next month went badly.  He will have his hearing re checked in the next couple of weeks.  He is a tough little buddy and we love him.  Lack of hearing hasn't slowed him down, he is definitely my super hero!  
Tate's funny story is on Easter. He just walked over to the neighbors on Easter morning.  Opened their front door, and all of a sudden there was Tate in his pjs.  I guess he wanted to see what they got from the Easter Bunny or pet their dogs.  He just thinks their family...they've been their his entire life!

Wording we've used over 2012...

*SERIOUSLY!!!! (when something bad or crazy happens)
*REALLY...REALLY!! (when something bad or crazy happens)
*Caleb came home one day from school (it was Drug free week) and said very seriously, "MOM!, Did you is very bad to Drink Drugs!"I replied, "Drink Drugs?'  Caleb with a very serious face even using his hands, "YES MOM, It is so bad to Drink Drugs."  I was pretty sure times hadn't changed so much that we were drinking them now, so I tried to keep the straightest face and said,  "I am so glad you taught me that.  Are you sure it isn't Do Drugs or Smoke?"   He was so admit and I couldn't stop laughing!  
*Tate your shirt looks sharp!! (at that point he flipped out saying his shirt was sharp and he had to take it off TOO SHARP, TOO SHART.  It hurts!!!) haha!  Now that he understands that it means he looks handsome, he tries to get dressed at leased once a week!
*It builds character.
*Make good choices. (I always say this in carline when I would drop the kids off for school and one day I turned to say it, and Caleb looked me in the eye and very seriously said "I know MOM, make good choices...YOUR SEIOUS!)
*You know you want to...  (example: did you make your bed? (uhg) you know you want to!  did you pick up your legos? (uhg) you know you want to!  did you say thanks? (huh??) you know you want to say thank you to the mother who gave birth to you!)

I found out in 2012

*While shopping for skinny slim jeans for Aubrey (she is so darn skinny she cant just have slim jeans and she cant wear a smaller size they are too short) I saw a 1D t-shirts.  I was like, "What is 1D?"  Ya, I said that out loud.   Boy was I an idiot because they were, at the time playing on the radio in the store.  It's One Direction.  There was a big poster of them at the mall with 1D plastered all over them as well.  At least I found a store that sells skinny slim jeans!!  Wow!!  They are still baggy but eventually she will gain weight!

Congrats 2012
My brother Spencer graduated from PT school and his family bought a house
My brother Seth and his wife added their 2nd, a baby boy on my dad's birthday
My sister Steffaney got married!  He is awesome!!
My sister Sydney graduated with her MBA and is under contract on her first house!!
The Jespersens added their 3rd baby a boy to their family!

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