Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Missing the old... but adjusting

Adjusting to the new means missing the old.

  The move was quick and I think a little too quick that the kids didn't quite understand the fullness of it.  They were SUPER excited.  But once they figured out they wouldn't be able to see Bud leave for golf, Frank walk his dog, David blow his leaves, no more throwing balls over the fence so they could talk to Bill and no more MaryLou bring over suckers  THIS was the real deal!  Worst of all for the kids was no more yelling over then fence for Nathan to come over, no more climbing the big trees, and no more watching the neighbors gather in the evening across the street for the nightly chats.  The kids were so used to the daily routine of our neighbor and we explained that we will get to know our new neighbors! 
 Although, we've become like one big Star Wars loving family!  I mean ask the kids a question and they could tell you anything in detail!  I had no idea.  Plus, I think Aubrey has a crus on the hug Harrison Ford when she saw him in the new Indiana Jones movie she was mortified!!!  Who new people in movies got old!!!
 I will say, I do not miss the leave...they were endless.
 The big plus for the kids (to keep them from crying daily was that they got to ride the bus).  Nice for me.  I spend most of my days in car line.  They do love the bus but they get on in the dark at 7am!  We live so far away that they are the first ones on and kind of out of the way (it was a situation... but they are riding and LOVING IT!)  They get home at 4:30 a big change from the 8:15 to 3:10 in their previous school district.
 Another part of the move was finding the school that fit the childrens educational needs, and high educational ranks and standards.  check.  If that mean that they have "rock star day", "spirit day", "cowboy day", "crazy sock day"...
"holiday hat day" and the up coming "christmas sweater day", and "pj day" I say whatever works.  They love there school and classes.  Caleb even got to go with his class across the street and sing 5 Christmas song to the Mayor!  There is no tether ball though, so that was a big blow for Aubrey, who loves it but that okay.  
My big change is the internet...can you imagine a world without it.  WELL...there is!  It comes and goes like a sneeze.  Rural.....hopefully we will figure it out.

All in all..we only lost 2 things in the move (or so we thought).  Flop Flop (Ainlsey homely looking dog and a gas can which would have come in handy recently when I ran out of gas AGAIN).  The good news is we have found Flop Flop when we went to visit MaryLou.  She had saved it for Ainsley! Now her little world will be okay and my nights will be a little more peaceful!


Karalee and Seth said...

Glad you are blogging again!! It is the only way I know what is going on with your family, Seth never tells me anything :-) The kids have gotten so big, and are still as cute as ever! You will have to post some pictures of your new house.

Clair said...

I'm glad you are back to blogging! Hope you all feel at home in your new place. Love ya.