Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve 
The day starts at 6:00, even though the kids are out of school they do not sleep in.  Since Andy works a regular work day I figure if I dress the kids nice, it reminds them the day is special...keeps them excited and hopefully calm and somewhat clean and well mannered.  No matter what it is going to be a long Christmas Eve!!!
 4 games of Dr. Seuss matching.  The kids love that game (Ainsley wins every single time that day...and in the history of playing that game since my mom has given it to them).  Aubrey and Caleb try to sneak in a game while Ainsley is helping me make scalloped potatoes.
 Caleb wanted to help make the rolls.  His triangles were top notch!!  He took his job pretty seriously!
 Of course, in between making the fruit dish, the asparagus, the rolls, the potatoes, the pumpkin pie (I brought the hand picked pumpkins all the way from our other house), the ham, and a fun drink we HAD to make cookies for Santa.  Really...I am sure he would have been just fine if I left him some popcorn but when I suggested it the kids faces ranged from horrified to just flat out disgusted that I would even consider such a desert for Santa.
 6:00pm...done and done!  Andy was home by 6:15pm and the kids were still dress and clean.
After dinner, the kids opened their presents from Grandpa and Grandma Clark....PJ's!
Christmas Eve!!

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Ella said...

I seriously don't know how you do it all. I hardly do a fraction of what you do in a day! And didn't you just move yet your house looks beautiful! Awesome Christmas! I'm glad you're back to blogging and that is hilarious about Tate's Weiner dog!