Monday, December 10, 2012

Pro-Bug's Life

As a mother this year has been a learning year but I feel that with Caleb's obsession I have done pretty well with (as long as they stay at a distance, in a container, or in the area assigned).  I thought it would be a short phase...although, I also thought pillow pets would be a short phase and they are still an important part of our family.  bugs. insects. nature. At first it was a scream or a cry....DO NOT KILL NATURE MOM!!!  Then as I huddle on my toes in a corner surrounded by pillows Caleb would scoop up the creepy bug and place it outside (only for it to eventually crawl back inside, I AM SURE OF IT!!!!). 

Then at night when I would go to tuck Caleb into bed I would look up and scream only to find cicada's lined up along his bed!!!  "What?  Dad said I could."  Then the books,  the bug dictionaries.... and now he knows everything!  "Bugs are important to nature Mom!"  Well, that might be true but I did not think it was very funny having a plastic bug pop out of a shirt last night while I was folding laundry.  Not funny.  No!  

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