Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Evolution of a Best Friend..the very best kind

The Evolution of a Best Friend
 This morning while we were waiting for Andy to take her into Overland Park for preschool I told her that after school I had a surprise for her.  A BIG surprise.  After guessing everything, I told her it started with the letter "C" and she will love it!  She asked me if she would be able to hold it and I said...Part of it.  So after I picked her up from preschool we drove over to Chick-fil-a.  She was thrilled.  I said to go and look in the trunk of the van.  She saw a sweatshirt that looked just like hers.  I asked "Sometimes when you love something alot and never take it off, I bet you would like someone you think is special to have one too.  Who would you like to give one to for Christmas?"  She said Makiya but knew she had preschool soon.  I said, "Well, maybe you should just carry it inside."
 So excited!  When we moved we needed Ainsley to switch to am preschool.  Tear and tears and tears followed for two weeks.  Kind of funny considering 3 years ago when they met they did NOT like each other!!!  Stay away from me, Stay away from my mom, Don't touch my french fry, Don't look at me...I guess if you stick them in the same room long enough they were bound to be inseparable!!!!
Ainsley and Makiya were both cats for Halloween and on their first day of preschool together they dressed alike.  Two separate times, while at the mall and out to breakfast I have been asked if they are twins.  Ha!!  Funny to think that they used to not get along because they've never had an argument since they've been 3!  When one needs help the other is there and when one needs protected from the boys.....well, I wouldn't mess with these girls!

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