Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Day

Christmas Morning
 6:00am sharp the kids were up and ready to go downstairs!  Santa has come!  Of course, Aubrey had been up since 4:00am AND had already been downstairs (I am not sure if she even went to sleep she was so excited).
 Since Christmas presents do not get put under the tree until Christmas Eve after the kids go to bed the excitement is EXPLOSIVE!  Santa came and we get presents under the tree...Just WOW!!  
 There was a lot of excitement.  Everyone was mostly excited for Tate and waiting for Tate's reaction when he realized he got what he asked Santa for.  This is how it went.  Tate ran to Santa before we could get there and sat on his lap...  Santa asked "What would you like this year?"
Tate, " A Wiener Dog!!!!"
Santa tuned to Andy and Me
We looked at each other completely shocked...
Santa replied something like, " Okay, a stuffed Wiener Dog!"
Long story short....wiener dog found!!!  Tate was Super Happy!!!  So were the rest of the siblings!!!  My kids are so odd.  Why he would ask for that is beyond me?!!!
 Tether ball...$14.  Pretty awesome...homemade...do not get directions from ask.com because if you live in the middle of nowhere you will have to drive back to home depot for more cement and the length of the pole..just don't look there.  Every 8 year olds dream, right here!!!  Just watch out Aubrey because Tate will be practicing while you are at school!
Opening presents was fun!  Ainsley is just so excited about everything.  Tate and his wiener dog opened every present together and Caleb thought the $4 mini pinball game I found was pretty cool.  Although, I found it to be a lot louder than I originally thought.  
After presents we ate breakfast and watched The Odd Life of Timothy Green that my Grandma gave me (I maybe got to eat 1/6 a handful of nuts and she sent an entire canister....I wonder who's little fingers got into those).  I think that if you combined all my kinds into one they are pretty ODD (actually they are pretty odd individually) and maybe by next Christmas I'll figure out the Mom thing.  That movie had me crying and busting up laughing.  Merry Christmas to my little family!  
Andy's parents drove up and we had dinner and exchanged gifts.  The kids all got piggy banks with their names on them and they got quarters!  Ainsley has her very first loose tooth so she has been waiting to show her grandpa!!  "I just know he will know what to do," says Ainlsey.

It was the Christmas of 3DS (yes, it took me a couple of weeks to learn it wasn't called a DS3...I get all the electronics confused), the American Girl Doll (can you believe that the sales lady tried to talk me into getting my daughter matching pj's for $59...bahaha!  Is she out of her mind?), Mario gocart, and Captain America.  It is also our first Christmas without fisher-price and playskool.  Thank you!   

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